Easy Greeting Card Organization

Tips for Greeting Card Organization JENRON DESIGNS

Easy Greeting Card Organization

Today  I would like to share my greeting card organizational tips; which are an absolute goldmine! This is the key to how I organize my greeting cards, and I never miss a birthday, anniversary or graduation, ever again!

This time of the year I have always focused on getting organized. I am not sure what causes this desire. Maybe it is the closing of the previous year and all the hope for the New Year. I know I am not alone in this pilgrimage to fresh starts and new beginnings. Greeting Card Organization is always a part of this organization to be prepared for the new year ahead.Tips for Greeting Card Organization JENRON DESIGNSI know snail mail is so outdated by today’s standards, and most people take the lazy way of sending a text or social media message, but as a southern lady I was raised to always send thank you cards for gift , graduation and wedding cards if you get an announcement, sympathy cards and you absolutely never to forget a birthday card.Pre Buy Greeting Card Organization JENRON DESIGNS

My secret is that I pre-purchase all of my cards, and thank you notes at one time, usually towards the end of the year, in anticipation for the new year. For me, I find it very easy to spend an hour or so in the card shop to select all my upcoming birthday cards at the same time. I always get a few extra generic ones as well, so I am never caught off guard with a neighborhood birthday party, or last minute invite to a party. This process also works great with wedding cards, sympathy cards, bridal and baby shower cards too.  You never know when one of these occasions might pop up.Tips for Greeting Card Organization JENRON DESIGNSThen, I store them into a file drawer with file tabs for each month. This gives me a great way to keep the paper birthday cards organized. They are all organized by month, and I can easily find the recipient’s card under the tab of the birthday month.  Of course, I also keep everyone’s birthday in my phone contacts.  However, there is nothing worse than a birthday slipping up on you and you are not prepared. Tabs for Greeting Card Organization JENRON DESIGNSThe extra and generic cards are organized by tab in there specific category’s .  As you can see, I have tabs labeled: Thank You, Congratulations, Anniversary, Showers, Get Well,  Just Because and Sympathy. If you do not have an extra file cabinet drawer in your office, you can always use a large decorative recipe box or even an accordion file folder.  Any of these methods will work and help keep those cards organized. I also like to store my return address labels and stamps in the box as well so I am always prepared. Birthday & Greeting Card Organization JENRON DESIGNS

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  1. Taylor & Mamo

    I love this idea and yes I still send out real cards, and I will also text and send Facebook wishing, but I really like get a hold in your hand paper card. It is the thought that some was thinking of you all week, write it, to mail it and get it to you for your birthday.

  2. I love this. I need to get ahead of the celebrations and organizing it in a card box would really help.

  3. Cathy McMichaels

    Wow this is a great way to organize cards, I always hate having to run out at the last minute to pick up a card that feels like an after thought. I love that you are thinking of each person on the day your shopping and picking just the perfect card for them. This shows what a genuine caring persona you are.

  4. beatrice

    You always have such great ideas this the the perfect to organize birthday cards and never forget them, perfecto!

  5. Jennifer Davidson

    Oh my I do love this idea and that is a cute little box from Hallmark too. You always have some really great ideas to share with us all, just know we are taking notes, and want to be more like you when we grow up. 😉

  6. This is a great idea for organizing greeting cards, thanks for sharing!

  7. I do this too Jennifer. I keep the cards filed and sorted and always keeps some blank ones on hand so I can send out a card just to let someone know I care about them. Although birthdays are in my phone, I have a special address book that have a birthday section, at the start of a month I take a look and get the cards for that month written, addressed and stamped. Then it just takes a moment to pop them in the mail a week or so before their special day. Love your antique card box!

  8. I love this Idea… I am always and forever folding a cardstock in half and getting my kids to make a “handmade” card, I like to play it off as cute when in reality I just don’t have a stock of cards on hand! … I’d love to be just a little more organized in this aspect! If anyone knows of a good online order spot for great cards I’d love to hear about it… not that I don’t love shopping, or browsing thru stores, I just don’t often have time to do such a thing with my three toddlers! 🙂

  9. Noel Mitchell

    Wow now that is what I call organized, your idea is simple yet effective. I have to tell most of your ideas blow me away.

  10. Pasha Goldstein

    Okay I have seen a lot of organization tips but this one takes the cake. The birthday cake that is, lol seriously what a great idea.

  11. Kasei Kamora

    This is a really good idea, I am that person you described running out at the last minute. It would so easy to implement this way of thinking.

  12. lillyyn11

    you are right I would never forget another birthday with this system. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Alexandia Nerin

    Every now and then I find something worth commenting on in my vast internet searches. Today I found your brilliant post. Such a great idea and very organized, I like that.

  14. Becky Black

    I am the worst at remembering cards, this process may really works wonders for me. I will have to try it out 🙂

  15. Ronna Winston

    I must say I really do like this organizational idea. I am a last minute if at all greeting card person, so to shop all at once is a great idea. Although you must have a great memory to keep up with all those dates in your head.

  16. Justine

    Yes, this is great idea and timesaving as well. I love it!

  17. Kuhnimew

    Хорошая идея купить все карты сразу. Я обычно делаю свои собственные, и я делаю их заблаговременно, поэтому подача мне полезна.

    Translation: Good idea to purchase all the cards at once. I usuallly make my own, and I make them inadvance, so the filing is helpful to me.

  18. Rosalyn

    Really great idea and nice organizes filing too!

  19. Gloria Flacks

    Got to say I really like the shopping once idea, seems very beneficial.

  20. Boris 1977

    I remember those Hallmark boxes when they came out. I used to love mine, but we moved and I do not know what happened to it. I guess I could make a new one, because it really did help to organize the process.

  21. gigi58

    Such a wonderful idea to keep one organized. I know all my grandkids love to get there birthday cards with the surprise inside.

  22. Bobby Sue Does

    Just wanted to tell you I love this tip, and yes I remember those Hallmark boxes too. They were great, I loved mine until my puppy destroyed it, lol. Such as life I guess.

  23. Saucey

    I Stumbled Upon your site, and I have to say I really like it. This is a fantastic post and I bet you have a whole lot more. Bookmarking for later.

  24. the cheap jordan's

    You know that dollar store cards are only 50 cents, too. That is my affordable tip to add to your post 🙂

  25. Addie Mae Says

    What a great tip. I love to read how other bloggers get organized I learn so much from studying other people.

  26. Julie

    Cool idea, I got to admit I think buying them all at once is really great way to do it. I can not tell you how many times I am rushing to find one, read it and think that would be perfect for my sister, not my mom. When you are reading through them you know exactly who they are perfect for but if you are rushing you just grab and go.

  27. mama knows

    Love this idea and the perfect tip to get my office area organized for the year!

  28. Stacy Darnell

    Fantastic idea to shop for the cards at one time. Also the filing them by birthday month is a very handy trick. I may have to add this system to one of my file drawers.

  29. Arnell Tyson

    This really is a great way to keep up with birthday’s, they always have a tendency to sneak up on you.

  30. Georgia Gal

    I can barely remember my birthday, lol the kids really keep busy and I am the worst at sending out cards. Mostly people are luck if I remember to text them or wish them a facebook birthday. But I would give it try, anything to get me more on the ball.

  31. Erin

    I really love this idea Jen. I am probably the worlds worst at remembering birthdays and sending cards. This is a real game changer for me.

  32. the.tiny.cricket

    Greatest post I have seen, and perfect way to get organized fro the new year. Please continue to share all of these great ideas.

  33. Gwendolyn

    You are so organized. I love this idea and it really is the perfect way to not forget anyone. I really love your site I am always learning a new thing of two.

  34. coors.lt.685

    Clearly you have a lot of organizational skills you should be sharing on your blog. I am still astounded by the fact that you buy all your cards at one time. I wish I had a few quite hours to be able to do this kind of shopping.

  35. Rhonda

    This is such a great way to organize cards. I really hate to mess with them but I think my family really expects me to send them since I do not live near by.

  36. Nana

    Great post. I know my grands and great grands still love to get cards, with the money inside of course.

  37. Yanitza

    I really do like this idea very much. Organization is not really a strength for me, so any good tips I get helps a lot.

  38. Suja aka Sindhuja Kumar

    If it gets me more organized I will take 10 of those little boxes. You have some of the best ideas and share them in such a fun and unconventional way.

  39. SEOroritY Girls

    You still got it. Another great post.

  40. Birmingham Blonde

    Fantastic post this was just what I was looking for to organize my little office area.

  41. Sundie Breyland

    I appreciate that you took a very specific area to organize. Sometimes the process can be overwhelming to do all at once. Just take baby steps and a few task at a time. Hope you do more of these types of posts.

  42. Fran

    I remember those boxes! I loved mine, but what a easy way to replicated the same idea in a file drawer too!

  43. kate.vasik

    this is a great idea, and I happy to have stumbled upon it. i have been working on all my organization this year, so i will add this one to the list.

  44. Home with Jan

    Very nice tip to getting organized. The cold winter months are the perfect time to straighten up indoor areas and really organize spaces that get over looked.

  45. kim becker

    You have some of the best ideas. This would surly get me organized for the years upcoming birthdays and celebrations. Thanks for all the great ideas you provide here on your blog. It has really been one of my favorite reads, so I am adding to my rss feed.

  46. Val Newberry

    You really have a great blog here. I as a part time blogger, I appreciate all the the hard work you put into to it, from the beautiful pictures to the unique content. You are not just the same ol same run of the mill bloggers.

  47. The Bee’s Knees

    Good way to break up organizational projects, sometimes it can be very overwhelming and too much to handle all at once.

  48. Chelsea Brock

    Great tips, it is very handy to have your supply of cards already chosen and on hand for the year.

  49. leon pummings

    This would be a time saver, and a particularly great way to be organizes for the up coming year.

  50. christian southern life

    Now that is some organization! I thought you were just going to tell us how to organize your office space, but this is very specific. I think this post will do well for you, some people really need to see how the other half lives in order to better themselves, otherwise they just do not know.

  51. Spot

    Sometimes I read things and think why did not think of that. This is one of those times. You made this process very simple.

  52. Colette Brian

    Wow! This can be by far the most useful thing on the matter I’ve ever come across. Thanks for your effort.

  53. Bailey Daniels

    Great idea and very organized indeed. Love you site and bookmarked for later reading.

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  81. sunshine and daisies

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  87. lia

    This would be a excellent way to keep up with birthdays. I used to have a wall hanger calendar with the name below the month, but we have added new babies and grand parents have passed so it is hard to fix and alter.

  88. Little Farmgirl

    Now I just need to find someone to go buy all the cards for me. LOL I really hate picking out cards as you can probably tell. I never feel like they say what I am trying to represent.

  89. Tracy @ Cleland Clan

    This is really a great idea, I got to admit if I had a monthly folder to check for the pre purchased cards that would be a huge timesaver for me.

  90. Milani E.

    Let’s get acquainted, we have similar aspirations.

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  92. Urban Farmgirl

    We imagine that we are all organized until we see things like this and realize that we can always do a little bit more in the area. LOL this is a great idea, along with a few of your other posts like the Bathroom Organization and Linen Closet. Those are both really great projects I will tackle on my spring cleaning.

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  94. Yolanda Berry

    Girl these are some organizational skills for sure! I can keep up when my birthday is anymore, much less anyone else, lol.

  95. Heather

    I remember that Hallmark box, I had one too. I guess I should have kept up with it better, probably a collectors item now.

  96. Jack’s Play Date

    I love this idea, I know that I a notorious about running out at the last minute or picking one up at the grocery. This is clearly a time saving idea.

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  99. Della Tyaller

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  100. Foster47

    Great idea I am always forgetting birthdays and yes I end up running out for a sad last minute card and gift.

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    I have 8 grandchildren scattered across the US, this would be a great way for me to keep up with this Gigi’s birthday cards and plan ahead for all the gift cards too.

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