Getting Ready for Baby!

Getting Ready for Baby!

My sweet friend Kelly is Getting Ready for Baby! After a very long wait and adoption journey, this loving family will be bringing home a sweet baby boy on July 31st. We are so excited for their new arrival, and jumped at the chance to give them a few design inspirations for the perfect nursery via our GET A ROOM design program.

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Kelly’s Room Wish List: 

  • Neutral Colors, loves gray, blue and navy. Existing Wall Color: Anew Gray SW7030
  • Light, Airy and Clean
  • No baby themes
  • Must have matching bedding for a full size bed that will reside in the room
  • Crib (pre- purchased) White Finish
  • Wishlist -Wooden Glider with Ottoman

In the process of getting ready for baby, this couple needed to have the nursery basics set up for the adoption home study. All of the large components for the room like paint, crib and changing tables are complete. However, now that we know it is a little boy on the way we can add a few more gender specifics details to the decor of the nursery to define the space.

Andover Mills Erich Shag Rug

Willa Arlo Reversible Full Size Bedding

Option 2: Building Paper Planes

Paper Airplane’ Graphic Art Print

Clair Ivory Round Area Rug

Barger Reversible Full Size Comforter Set

After reviewing the first two options, Kelly loved option number one. However, they had recently decided to incorporate their son’s birth location by adding in a subtle nautical theme to the nursery.  So we have come up with option number three as a bonus surprise for you guys. At this point all three options can easily be mixed and matched to create a lovely nursery for a baby boy.

Option 3- A Nautical Beach Boy 

Willa Arlo Reversible Full Size Bedding

Beachcrest Hand-Braided Gray Area Rug

Sailboat Blueprint VI’ Drawing Print on Canvas

Sailboat Blueprint I’ Drawing Print on Canvas

The Glider:

The first thing Kelly asked for as her personal wishlist was a wooden glider. I personally love the Dutailier Gliders. After doing a ton of research during this same chapter of our lives, I determined that Dutailier was the best possible gilder on the market. Well known for durability, as well as longevity. After spending hours sitting in mine, I can also say it was a very comfortable Glider, as well. In fact it has now been passed along to another family that is getting countless hours of use from it over 10 years later and it still looked brand new. I do recommend adding the optional ottoman for those late night feedings and rocking.


The nice thing about a glider verses a large upholstered chair, is that should there be any spit up, which their will. The cushions are easily removable, and washable. Plus they can be reordered easily too. So you are not stuck with a chair that can not be cleaned and could potential have a sour smell. Remember “everything” needs to cleanable in a nursery or disposable.


  1. Rachele

    This is a great post so glad to see you supporting our friend in the adoption line up too, it is hard to wait so this kind of love makes it more palatable.

  2. beach bunny surfer

    What a cute spread for a nursery I love the paper planes idea, and those colors for a little boy with the beach beach vibe! Even sail boats would be cute too.

  3. Farmhouse Fixer Upper

    Jen your heart amazes me every time, you are always so giving and selfless…. that is what makes you who you are. One day your full story will be told and all will grow to see you like those who know you best can see you, then they will know too.

  4. Jessie

    I may need to enlist your help soon with a new one the way, but I love the paper planes idea so much! Little boys and paper planes they just go together like cookies and milk.

  5. Mary Henry

    I have another grand son on the way and your idea are just lovely I will refer my daughter in law to take a look at them.

  6. Our Little Fox Hole

    I like the idea of a message in the bottle for the birth mama, what a sweet idea to incorporate into the room. So many thoughtful ways to make the adoption transition easier for the parents and baby. I wish your friend all the best.

  7. Mary Byrd

    Oh my goodness who does not like looking at a sweet baby room, these designs are just beautiful, but I think my favorite is the paper planes. I like the mint green and gray colors.

  8. Amy @ Her Faith

    You fill up my heart and my soul with each and every post, and you renew my faith in mankind on daily basis. I am sending so many prayers up for you and this family.

  9. Kelly Ledbetter

    Omg….love!!!! You are amazing!!! And I so love the message in a bottle and Greg will too!!! I can’t wait to see your post!! Super excited and I am going to asking the mom for a letter too soon to put in a bottle. I loved that idea.

    Thanks again Jennifer for all your help!!!

  10. Ellen from Ask Away Blog

    I have a friend that adopted 3 children so this is a topic near and dear to my heart. I wanted to wish your friend all the best for a smooth transition and happy future. I also wanted to say thank you to for supporting her during this process too, sometimes people have no idea how hard it truly is, and social media has made it look so simple when it really is not, such an unfortunate misconception.

  11. Theresa

    I can not wait for few more grand babies especially boy’s we have a bunch of girls right now with tons of pink and princess everything, but I and ready for some boy’s. Sending your friend well wishes for her journey into motherhood she is going to need it, lol but will be a natural as we all are.

  12. Christine

    Adoption is such a stressful process it is so amazing that you wanted to help take some of the burden of getting ready off of their plates and make it so easy for them to enjoy the process more.

  13. Nicole Walker

    Congratulations to your friend on her upcoming adoption, and on these great design options they are very pretty.

  14. Tammy

    So many beautiful design ideas to choose from what a lucky lady and baby to have you in their lives. Wishing them all the best!

  15. So happy for your friends. Congratulation to them and how lucky they are to have you help with the nursery designs. All of the rooms inspiration boards are beautiful but I am especially fond of the building paper planes option!

  16. Lia

    What an amazing process and story I know they have to be so excited and the end July is so close for baby boy to be on his way! They have a lot of great choices so you did them proud my friend.

  17. That’s wonderful for your friends! And, you did such a lovely job with all of the nursery designs. Impressive! Love the color combinations. Melissa Damiani | Gratitude Grace Glamour

  18. Jeanelle

    I love all of these boards and the navy is such a hot color right now!

  19. Leia Sumpter

    I have seen so many stories lately about adoption, it has really become more mainstream or the new normal. While I wish this family all the best, I hope that this moment does not see a lot of backlash further down the road, as most trends and movements do, for all the families sakes.

  20. Nurse Kirch

    I see a lot of adoptive parents in my line of work, a majority of the stories have a happy ending for the families. I will be praying for this family to that everything goes according to plan.

  21. Oh, these are adorable designs! I just LOVE that cute propeller, especially. That baby is going to have the BEST nursery!

  22. Emeline S.

    Oh I love them all so much and you do such a great job. This story just makes my heart flutter with excitement for the new family. Congratulations for them all!

  23. What a lovely story, congrats to your friends! I like the soft color palette for this baby boy nursery.

  24. Abby

    I always say I love to the moon and back with all 3 of my kids, so that one is my favorite for sentimental reasons.

  25. Vanita

    Oh my gosh where we you when all my babies were born? These are amazing ideas and not to overly baby either but still cute, plus a nice way to add in the full size bed so there is room to grow later down the road too.

  26. Shelby

    Love all the options but the paper planes idea is sooo cute!

  27. Terry Sisk

    Beautiful nursery decor and design for a beautiful couple, may God bless them all.

  28. Hannah Rinstrow

    Such a great thing you doing for your friend that is adopting, you really are such a giving person to donate your time like that, I am a follower of Kelly so I know about the puzzle and that your name adorns one of the pieces now. Great job you two rock!

  29. Kendra McCarmichael

    Love that you are doing more Get A Room Boards and your friend is so lucky these are great rooms!

  30. All of these rooms are so sweet. I need that sign “Love you to the moon and back”.

  31. Deola

    Congratulations to your friends. They must be super excited. All options look really nice, I particularly like the Sun, Moon and Stars collection. And I must say having a glider is a must for any nursery, it makes mom’s life so much easier.

  32. Sarah

    We went with something very similar to the Moon in Stars nursery with our first born. But I absolutely love the paper plane theme!

  33. Frances

    I like option number three and the message in the bottle idea is perfect for when he gets older. Such a sweet idea with the beach theme.

  34. Barbara Michael

    Such an inspirational post and I love all the the designs you have a very traditional one, a modern one, and then what I think is a custom one perfect for this little family of three. Wishing them luck!

  35. Beautiful nursery ideas! I love the glider and used it for years!

  36. Karen Miller

    I was a child of adoption and while things have changed a lot in today climate I am sure the message in the bottle will answer so many question he may have when he grows up and get older and wants a relationship with that part of his life. I think it is a very thoughtful touch, especially since sometimes we get so wrapped up in what is best for the baby and what we want, it is easy to forget to ask others that have grown up in this type of situation how the process effected them, and what that picture looks like.

  37. Laureen

    Pretty Nursery designs any mother or baby would be luck to have these beautiful rooms to call home.

  38. Southern Sassyfrass

    I am sure this brings up a lot of feelings for you as well my friend. You are stronger than you know and you show that every day with your elegant grace and kind heart, as you put your feelings in a box prioritize those you care about. I still stand behind my thoughts that you would be an excellent mother, and the world is truly missing out on what you have to offer, but yet I understand your journey and decision.

  39. Jana Keahus

    So many lovely designs to choose what a lucky mama to be, I personally love the building paper planes especially since my husband is pilot. I can not believe we did not think of this theme for our little boy so adorable.

  40. J. Peach46

    Love them all, and I know that this little boy will be so loved by Kelly and Greg. They are going to be the best parents ever. Thank you so much for supporting them!

  41. sunshine and daisies

    These are all so cute and love how you created the third option with a custom theme for his birth location. The light house growth chart and birth mom message in the bottle ideas are so sweet. Plus there are so many way to care that decor forward as he grows too.

  42. Mattie Burns

    A glider really was our saving grace, I think I slept in it more than the bed the first few months and we used for both of our babies. I agree with you about the ottoman to, it makes a difference.

  43. Vicky Demars

    Lucky lady so many great choices you have provided her with, I love the colors of #2 and the paper planes idea is so very unique.

  44. Lorraine 480

    I love all the navy and gray you have used with her existing wall color it creates such a stately look that he will be able to grown into, and the full size bedding is not to babyish either, perfect for a grandma or gigi to come for a visit too.

  45. Alesha Evans

    I am expecting in July and still have not finished my nursery, for our little boy these inspirations are great. Thank you for sharing her beautiful story and design concepts with those of us that are a little behind.

  46. Valerie Leonard

    Love this post and the you are supporting this sweet family you are amazing!

  47. Kim

    So many great ideas for the new mama what a lucky lady.

  48. Waverly 145

    Beautiful designs as we have come to expect from such a seasoned designer such as yourself. We love the story of the special nursery and the care and one of kid special ideas you have added to make it special for this type of arrangement. In a modern world protocols of room decor have to reflect the new ideas and mindsets, bravo.

  49. A.C. Burke

    You are such a creative soul and have a gift for beautiful design so a lovely thing to be able to share with the family to be, during their wait. God bless you all.

  50. Claudine

    Such a lovely couple that will now how their parental dreams fore filled I hope the baby healthy and loves the nursery you have designed for him.

  51. Caryn

    Hi all I do not want to sound like a party pooper but I would love to add that your friend should really make sure to join a few support groups for families of adoption. I am adoptive mother and their are a few things that get left out during the adoption process that you find our after the fact and end up involving your lawyers etc. For me it really helped to have a group or tribe as support during the process. I would not change a thing about my life, but just so they are not blindsided. Wishing them all the best.

  52. Cheryl Richardson

    I was an adopted child and while I loved my parents I never stopped wondering about birth parents. It always leaves a weird unfilled hole inside you, maybe the letter in the bottle might help, if the birth parent can leave something of value that would be relatable to both the a young child and adult that might have more in depth questions, just a thought. Also this not something that I could ever really explain to my parents either, I mean they did their best, but the minute I was given up it left that hole, whether it was for selfless reasons or not.

  53. Alexis

    Great post, as a little girl I used to always say I was never have my own children I just wanted to adopt one child from each country from around the world. I think Angelina Jolie beat me to it.

  54. Krystle Samples

    I love all of these nurseries what a hard decision to only pick just one.

  55. Magistrate Girl

    What a great way to welcome a new bundle of joy for this couple.

  56. do gooder's

    This is such a beautiful post and our first time to your blog. We will be be back soon to check out all your wonderful ideas.

  57. supreme people 420

    We love the Ledbetter’s they are awesome folks and so happy to see you helping them out! You Rock!

  58. Georgia Gal

    Love this Get A Room Jen, and it has such a beautiful story too!

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