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| A Gender Neutral Nursery|

See this months Get Room gender neutral baby nursery with four complete options.

What is GET A ROOMEach month I will provide my followers with a free Vision Board complete with all the links to recreate the room in their own home. It will all be designed, matched and balanced to create a perfect room every time. This months theme includes 4 options for a gender neutral nursery. Gender neutral nursery themes have become so popular theses days. 
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I have been so busy with baby showers this year, so it clearly must be in the water!  I have a sweet friend expecting twin boys, two of my girlfriends are becoming new grandmothers, both with little girls on the way early next year.  I also have another friend of mine that found out she is having her fourth, and “it’s a surprise” baby since she has decided not to find out the gender at all and this is where the gender neutral theme has come into play.

So  as you tell it has literally it has been like baby palooza around here! This week I am dedicating this GET A ROOM, post to my sweet friend that clearly has her hands full, and I am designing a gender neutral baby nursery that could work for a boy or girl. I also want to present her with 4 easy add options, for a children storybook theme to dress up the room too should she choose to do so.

I wanted to come up with a a very neutral base of furnishing  that could grow with the baby and family. The Camden 4-in-1 Convertible Crib easily converts to a toddler bed, day bed and full bed to last from baby all the way to teen. It also comes in four colors, but I really loved the warm gray for this room and to go with the rest of my friends home. However, please feel free to check out the other colors too. The changing station consist of the Willenhall Drawer Double Dresser along with the changing tray which is sold separately. What I love about this piece is ability to add the Universal Changing Tray easily lifts away to become a beautiful rustic dresser that could stay or easily be relocated to another room after your baby is potty trained. So if you are just starting your family you could easily store the changing tray away until baby number two or three come along and not be stuck with a ugly changing table in the interim. In the case of my friend she has already given away all of her baby items and has no desire to reinvest in items she does not want going forward, so a beautiful rustic dresser will be absolutely perfect moving forward.

I also really like the option of the Benbridge Swivel Glider. It is upholstered in a super-soft neutral microfiber fabric, nothing about this piece screams baby furniture at all to me. So, once you no longer need it in the nursery, simply move it to any other room in the house. This is a bonus for designing a neutral based nursery with multi-use items. 

Swayze 3 Piece Crib Bedding Set

I think the main focus item in this room that allows for the option of four story book themes, all hinges on the Heritage Amedeo Blue Medallion Rug. You should never under estimate the power of a well designed rug. While the pattern is pastel in color, it is still very gender neutral and the geometric pattern creates interest for the the rest of the room to be based off.  This can now be the color pallet to choose and select which colors you will carry forward into the room. 

Heritage Amedeo Blue Medallion Rug

I also wanted to show how easy it would be to take this base nursery design and add four children book themes to the room; while still keeping it gender neutral. The first theme is Winnie the Pooh; which is ironically what my childhood nursery was. You see I was also a late in life baby, and my mother also wanted a gender surprise too. So what is old is now new again, especially with the recent release of the new Meet Christopher Robins movie.

The second theme is Curious George which is playing up the banana’s and the yellow hat; which really pulls the yellow out into the room. I think it would be very cute to hang a big yellow hat on the hear no evil monkey hooks, maybe with a pair of binoculars.  Then instead of art work, frame the actual covers of the paper back Curious George books, sold in a set of six below, to create your own wall collage.

Llama llama is another great line of children story books and they have so many fun things that could be used for a nursery. I love the idea of adding a Moroccan pouf and a global inspired throw blanket with thick tassels draped over the the rocker. The colors are very gender neutral and you can add some fun potted succulents or a large snake plant to the room for added interest.

Our final theme is, Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss. I know this theme is traditional used for graduation; but I like the idea of starting your life out on a positive note, why wait until graduation? This is a great theme that can grow with your child, boy or girl, as they grow. You can add in a travel collage wall for all the family trips you take.


All of these items are simply a suggestion by JENRON DESIGNS, it is up to the purchaser to make the final decision of whether a product, or paint will work for their room. JENRON DESIGNS  recommends that you take all paint swatches home to view in your homes lighting, prior to making a final decision.  Since we are not able to see your home JENRON DESIGNS is not liable for how a paint color looks on your actual walls and recommends a sample square prior to painting the entire  room. Paint tends to change colors with the lighting of room though out the day so it is recommend that you view the color swatches for at least 24 hours, in all lightening prior to making a full room commitment.


  1. Farmhouse Fixer Upper

    Jen these nursery designs turned out so cute I absolutely love them all. I think my two favorites are Llama Llama and Oh the Places You’ll Go, they are both great!

  2. Linsdsay I really loved how those turned out too, so many cute options to work with these days the possibilies are endless. This was just keeping in children book theme, of bringing the pages to life, there are so many other fun ideas out there too.

  3. Tracy @ Cleland Clan

    I love how these are all gender neutral. So many new parents know the baby’s sex early and focus on the pink or blue then turn around a year or two later and need all new items. By having your larger items neutral, you can add pops of color to make it specific for that child.

  4. I love the dresser and changing table combo! Such a great space saver! 🙂

  5. Tracy I completely agree I love the idea of having pieces that can grow with the family, especially as the family continues to grow, LOL 😀

  6. Katie I really liked that piece a lot too, the versatility seemed so appealing, I just knew she would love that one. 🙂

  7. Neha

    I loved the choice of furniture and the gender neutral colors. That 4-in-1 convertible crib has my heart. Thanks for the lovely ideas!

  8. Great choice of furniture. Loved the colours and designs 🙂

  9. Such beautiful choices! We decorated a nursery for my eldest. She never slept in it though as she stayed in our room until she was big enough to tell us how she wanted her bedroom to look. 😆

  10. I don’t have any use for a nursery at this point in my life (just not there yet haha) but I adore the color scheme of this room and that rug is everything. Love it!

  11. sunshine and daisies

    These are some of the sweetest themes I have seen to date. I really love the Dr. Seuss one with all the hot air balloons that one is sooo cute.

  12. These are such elegant nursery furniture. We went gender neutral for our first (girl) which paid off in the end when we had our second (boy). Kids are expensive enough without having to repurchase the same things over and over again!

  13. This post idea is amazing. I love your gender neutral furniture picks and how you can make them unique with the accessories! Love the places you will go theme. What a great idea! Love it!

  14. Beautiful and new things on your listings. Great work.

  15. kat

    I love gender neutral nurseries! We did this with our 2nd as we decided to keep the gender a surprise until he was born.

  16. Chantel

    Simple, yet elegant, love it! Best part? I love how it’s gender neutral, so that I can use this design for my future baby despite their gender 🙂

  17. This looks fabulous! I love the changing station double drawer dresser and the medallion rug.

  18. Bunmies Healthy Choices

    I totally agree with this post. I used most of this ideas for my little ones nursey last year. Gender neutral colors are definitely the way to go, and that’s what I did, since I wanted to start working on the nursey before I found out the gender, and it has worked well.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful post!

  19. 3+4 Chest of Drawers

    Such cute design boards it is too hard to choose I love them all!

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