Creating A Fabulous Front Porch


 Creating A Fabulous Front Porch 

It is that time year that you need a fabulous front porch and entrance. I mean, with Halloween on the way the amount of trick or treat traffic you will have, not to mention the guests you may be hosting for the upcoming holidays. You really will want to put your best foot forward. So for this Get A Room, I address the front entryway and porch area. I realize that we all have different size and shape front porches, so I am just going to add a few of my favorite pieces and items that will help to dress up your front porch, stoop or breezeway. Feel free to check out how we updated our own front porch over the summer at our recent post, Dressing Up Your Front Porch. 

*Please note that this post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. These involve no extra cost to you, but may result in me receiving a small commission – for which I am very grateful! You can view my full advertising disclosure here.

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Curb Appeal:

Garden Urns & unique planters always make your entryway inviting. Especially since you can plant them with seasonal flowers or other holiday greens. Here is list of containing  a few of my favorites in all different styles to match your home and personal style. My only recommendation is to go with a lighter colors to preserve your flowers delicate root system in the hot summer months. Traditionally if you choose a darker color like black or charcoal gray you will have a tendency to scorch the roots of your plants, especially if the urn will be placed in the direct sun or if you live in a hot sunny climate like I do here in Georgia.

Front Door Allure: 

One of the main things most people see as they visit your home is your front door. Therefore, you want to make sure it is painted or stained and looking good at all times. You can also dress it up for the holidays of just keep it simple, but a well dressed door is a statement for what your guest can expect from the rest of your home. It truly sets the stage, so make sure that you are sending the right signals.

What is GET A ROOMEach month I will provide my followers with a free Vision Board complete with all the links to recreate the room in their own home. It will all be designed, matched and balanced to create a perfect room every time. All you have to do is know your room dimensions for windows, rugs and furniture pieces. Think about those box cosmetics and fashion subscriptions, it is the same idea but no charge to my followers.

Why is it FREE: First and foremost I LOVE Interior Design. I have decided, that while I personally love Industrial Farmhouse Chic and Farmhouse design, which is uber hot right now; I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea. As an Interior Designer I can appreciate all forms of home decor and I wanted to provide some of my other creative visions. Then, make them available to my followers, for free.  Also, I get a lot of inquires about interior design for specific types of rooms and yes I can still do some custom design work.  However, I felt like this was the quickest platform to package a few universal designs and you might be able to find a design that works for you, that you just love.

All of these items are simply a suggestion by JENRON DESIGNS, it is up to the purchaser to make the final decision of whether a product, or paint will work for their room. JENRON DESIGNS  recommends that you take all paint swatches home to view in your homes lighting, prior to making a final decision.  Since we are not able to see your home JENRON DESIGNS is not liable for how a paint color looks on your actual walls and recommends a sample square prior to painting the entire  room. Paint tends to change colors with the lighting of room throughout the day so it is recommend that you view the color swatches for at least 24 hours, in all lightening prior to making a full room commitment.


  1. I love your style Jen! I’m imagining that beautiful porch swing with planters at each end, full of beautiful flowers that can take the heat. Thanks for the tip about the colour of your planter! Great inspiration! Love it!

  2. Love the Hello doormat! You have such great taste in home decor. Perfect vision board for a front porch. 🙂

  3. Tracy @ Cleland Clan

    I’ve always wanted a home with a wide front porch and a swing and some rockers. Maybe when I retire in 15 years or so…

  4. Love this style! Definitely got some inspiration

  5. Farmhouse Fixer Upper

    Great tips and inspiration for getting our porches in order for the season. We have a ton of Halloween trick or treaters so you are right time to get it all pretty 🙂

  6. Lucy

    I love planters! Would definitely have a nice bench with some planters and amazing coloured flowers 💗

  7. Sharvina

    Thanks for the advice! I’ll look at all the items for more details. I find that the wheelbarrow is original and like it a lot.

  8. I absolutely love your ideas. I always feel so inspired by your ideas. Thank you!

  9. sunshine and daisies

    If this is the recipe to your beautiful front porch I am copying everything, nice post.

  10. Chloe

    Some great home ideas here, absolutely love the hello door mat! xoxo Chloe

  11. Ah, I can’t wait for the day to have a front porch. They’re lovely 🙂

  12. Your front porch always looks so welcoming Jen! Thanks for sharing your product finds with us, I am going to check this welcome mat for an additional cute touch to our front entryway!

  13. I so wish I had a porch or a veranda to sit on. Fingers crossed my next house has an amazing wrap around one to decorate.

  14. What a cool idea and I LOVE your inspiration! I don’t have a porch right now but I do have a small balcony which I love!! I love your style and can’t wait to fill a space with some of your recommendations one day!

  15. I love Industrial Farmhouse Chic and Farmhouse home decor! You have great taste and thank you for sharing all these home tips and advice.

  16. I love front porches and they make of break the first opinion of your house, very important when selling. At the moment I haven’t got one but would love house with the old style porch with railing with lod of plants and quirky vintage finds,

  17. These are great tips for fabulous kerb appeal. The outside is just as important as the inside.

  18. Amber Myers

    I wish I had a porch! We just have a tiny slab on concrete. I’m bummed because I do love porches.

  19. You can still create a great space, and make it your own. Our first home was a simple concrete porch, we added a bench and topiaries to dress it up and changed out our light fixtures to give it more character.

  20. Monica Simpson

    I love switching up my front porch decor. Especially my welcome mat and wreath.

  21. Windy

    Making a mental note because I can’t wait to re-decorate. Love your design style.

  22. This is such a great style! I love the wreath and doormat so much I added them to my cart. Fabulous ideas.

  23. I have always loved the look of rockers on front porches! They are so inviting! You have some great ideas!

  24. Always great ideas! Love your porch

  25. Jasmine Martin

    This is such a great idea. I definitely want to make room for decorating my front porch. I’d honestly like to extend it a bit.

  26. Digitaldaybook

    I love setting up my parents front porch area! Especially through various seasons!

  27. Kimmy

    I love decorating a front porch!

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