Christmas In the Stars Giftionary

Christmas In the Stars Giftionary

Seriously, we all have that hard to shop for aunt,  or the in laws that you barely know. You may even be worried about your kids date of the month, or impressing your new boss at work. Let Christmas In the Stars Giftionary make shopping easy.

I decided that I also wanted to participate in a gift giving segment like a lot of blogger, but how could I do something new, different, and inventive?  I hatch up the idea of mixing two things I really love Christmas and Astrology. Bada-bing, bada-boom, Christmas In The Stars was born. Since I am not sure how much you guys know about Astrology I have decided to give you a brief outline of each out the astrological signs along with some fun gift ideas for the ladies, gents & kiddos in your life. 

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 March 21-April 20 (The Ram) This sign is firey, prodigious and dynamic.  They wish to exist for their own sake, rather than to understand themselves by objective comparison. They are very spontaneous, open and frank, with a tendency to be willful and self centered. They believe the have a lot to offer and demand others pay attention, while they are practical, self doubt is their absolute kryptonite.

1. Bey-Berk Mach Large Shaving Set (3 PC)   2. College Dish Towel   3.  Yoga Mat   4. The Bottle Loft   5. Splash Tunes Pro Dual Wireless Speaker   6. Pierced Porcelain Tea Lights – Constellation   7. The Diva The Home Repair Tool Kit (similar)   8. iPhone Charger Sticker Faces Set


April 21- May 21 (The Bull)  seeks harmony in the home, and is very focused on surrounding themselves with beautiful things. In fact, they are so materialistic that having possessions and security are absolutely vital to their existence. While they are generally thought of as confrontative and stubborn, like a bull, they actually make fantastic caregivers, teachers and parents.

1.  Copper Bar Set  2. Rose Gold Dappled Glass Votive Set  3. LC Lauren Conrad Chenille Fringe Throw  4. Wooden Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener (similar)  5. French Girl Organics Sea Soak  6. Voluspa Japonica Nissho Soleil 3 Wick Candle in Decorative Tin  7. Hidden Animal Mugs  8. Slip Silk Pillowcase – Pink (similar)


May 22- June 21(The Twins) represents a quickness of thought and and verbal expression. They are very detail oriented people, that enjoy a lively variety in both experiences and environments. They have a tendency to change directions or reverse rolls  on a dime, but require a constant life partner to flourish. They tend to be very protective, empathic, sensitive people.

1. Illume Coconut Milk Mango Laurel Glass Candle  2. Tile Bluetooth Tracking Tag (similar)  3. Urban Outfitters Who’s Most Likely To Game  4. A Year of Gratitude  5. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses- Set of 4  6. Ticket Stub Diary  7. MAC Snow Ball Pigment and Glitter Kit/0.08 oz.  8. Antique Gold Jewelry Boxes


June 22- July 22 (The Crab) considered the ultimate home body, they find that personal introspection is the best means to understand life, and they choose to do it from the safety of their own home. Highly protective, very emotional, and deeply sensitive this sign hides it’s softer side with a protective shell like that of a crab. The focus on areas in the heart of there home such as the kitchen and bedroom.

1. Innovative Technology Victrola Portable Bluetooth Record Player  2. Bormioli Rocco Romantic 4-Pc. Tumbler Set  3. Design Imports Holiday Apron  4. Le Creuset Glazed Stoneware 1 2/3 Quart Pitcher  5. Barr-Co Fir & Grapefruit Gift Set  6. Monogram Throw Blanket (free monogramming)  7. Home Plate Doormat  8. Plum & Bow Elephant Tea Mug


July 23- August 23 (The Lion) ambition, power and self confidence are the three main hallmarks of this regal sign. However, this prideful lion also demands enjoyment, satisfaction and harmony by all in it’s kingdom. When called upon to do so, this peacekeeper battles world injustice, oppression and darkness.

1. Kate Spade New York Pen Set/Set of 6  2. Merkury Innovations Rock Star Stage Mic  3.  The Boss Mug  4. Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank  5.Faux-Fur Pom Pom Throw  6. Personalized Whiskey Barrel  7. Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Lidded Jar Container Candle 8oz – Sugared Birch  8. Etsy Christmas Gift Ideas – Custom Name chopping board for couples – Personalised Cutting board – Wedding


August 24- September 22 (The Virgin) represents the need to have a systematic approach to concerns of life and existence. They are very grounded, with high moral tendencies, that  bring well ordered service and contributions to the world. They are highly selective the it comes to human experiences,  there prefer straight forward gracious energies and social diplomatic ones.

1. Anthropologie Gilded Botany Mug  2. The 52 Lists Project  3. Anthropologie Codify Pencil Holder  4. Address Embosser  5. Agate Coasters (Set of 4)  6. Tube-Wringer  7. PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer    8.Kids Responsibility Board (similar) 


September 23- October 22 (The Scales) strives for complete balance in life, and fair treatment of all living things. Well appreciated by others for their charm, grace and sense of humor  they can be considered as overly judgmental and full of indecision and uncertainty.

1. Anthropologie Netara Planter  2.Aromatherapy Diffuser  3. Floral Sequin Clutch – Black  4. DIY Lip Balm Kit  5. Voluspa Japonica 12 Candle Archive Gift Set  6. Stuffed Furry Sloth   7. Merlot Infused Coffee  8. Wine Aerator


 October 23- November 21 (The Scorpion) processes the ability to direct and control all manner of life around them. Scorpios tend to undergo a self inflicted, agonizing processes of self transformation with in their own personalities, so are commonly labeled as secretive, treacherous, and underhanded. They are highly suspicious of anyone that processes pollyanna philosophies, undue optimism, superficial attitudes and glitter.

1. Bright Eyes Set  2.Mango Wood Serving Boards & Holder 3.  Men’s Skin Care Starter Kit  4. Men’s The North Face Etip Salty Dog Knit Tech Gloves   5. Bose Soundsport In-Ear Headphones  6. Moscow Mule Mugs (Set of 4)  7. Beachcrest Home Parker Woven Cotton Chair Hammock  8. Flavor Infuser Water Bottle 


November 22- December 21(The Archer) wanders constantly seeking to know more about the world. Full of optimism and a refusal to get bogged down in details, give them the capacity to see the big picture.  Often depicted as idealistic, honest, and opinionated. Rarely bored they constantly seek out new ways they can express themselves.

1.Gift Boutique Seek Explore Discover Luggage Tag Box Set  2. Jo Malone(TM) Orange Blossom Scented Home Candle  3. kate spade new york Silver Street Let’s Do Lunch Business Card Holder  4. Luckies Scratch Map  5. MAC Snow Ball Nude Lip Bag – Nude  6. Gin and Tonic Carry-On Cocktail Kit  7. Taschen The New York Times 36 Hours: Europe  8. Phaidon Where To Eat Pizza


 December 22- January 20 (The Goat)  have been designated as the sign that can not be categorized known for their love of free will and assertiveness. They are also the most excepting sign, even amidst trials, difficulty and suffering. They are always looking to to the future with drive, ambition and strive, but rarely like change.

1.Bobble Knit Throw out of stock   2.  Men’s Skin Care Starter Kit   3. Cursive Candlestick out of stock 4.Jewelry Binder  5. Umbra Prisma Wall Decor  6. Elwood the Unicorn Cereal Bowl  7.  15 ft. Firefly Photo Clip Lights  8.  Velour Bunny Ear Ballet Slippers (similar) 


 January 21- February 19 (The Water Barrier) promoters of high ideals, valuing scientific and universal truths. They known for their unpredictability, idiosyncratic behaviors, and powers of imagination. A wish for happiness and understanding pervades everything that they do in life and you will notice that they tend to disappear when a conflict arises. 

1. Simon Air Game  2. Make Today Awesome Doormat  3. Beeropoly  4.  Kitchen Linens Essentials 3 pc. Set  5. Bungalow Cotton Tree Hammock  6. Serene House Supernova Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser  7. Le Creuset French Press  8. Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden


February 20- March 20 (The Fishes) are dreamy, spiritual and deeply emotional. You will find they are are either emotionally up or emotionally down and require constant leveling. Mainly because they are so highly empathic, and compassionate for their fellow man. They enjoy relationships but also tend to be loners enjoying a little bit of quiet time to themselves.

1.  Porcelain Alphabet Trinket Tray  2. Chillsner  3. Cable Knit Throw with Faux Fur Reverse 4.  My Little Steamer Deluxe  5. CRAFT-TASTIC Artists Box  6. Wine Soaps – Set of 4  7. Dash ® Red Mini Waffle Maker  8. City Map Glass


**Prices are subject to change, please know that JENRON Designs is not responsible for these changes, we are only providing the links and ideas for gift giving possibilities. 


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