Building A Better Charcuterie Board

Building A Better Charcuterie Board

If you are planning on hosting any kind of event or shower, this post will save you time and money for building a better charcuterie board. 

Many of you have been asking about a a shopping list for my charcuterie board demonstration that I hosted a couple of months ago for the Scentsational Rose’ All Day Cosmetic & Fragrance Event at Dillards.  Honestly, we were expecting anywhere from 150-200 people so we needed to make sure that we had plenty of food. 

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We were able to to both sets of boards, a savory and sweet board, for a 8 hour party for around $3oo, for the food, which is amazing, that breaks down to approximately $1.50 per person. So this is a a very affordable way to entertain a lot of guests, and add a flair at the same time. So in the post I am also sharing with you, some of my tips and tricks that I went over during my Live presentation at the Rose’ All Day Event, as I was assembling these boards and the tablescape. You get the benefit of my full shopping list, and all the full product line up of exclusive items from the Dillard’s Southern Living Collection that we used to host this amazing soirée’. First I want to talk a little bit about the relaxed garden chic theme and how we used a mix of salad plates that all were from the same Southern Living Spring Collection but did not match exactly to create visual interest. These salad plates come in 2 pc sets we used a mix of the Blue Large Flora, Pink Large Flora, Blue Small Floral, and Pink Small Floral Pink Large Flora. We anchored the table with matching Savannah Scalloped Collection Dinner Plates in JadeScalloped Glass Chargers in Pink, Lace Footed Water Goblets and  Footed Glass Dessert Dishes.

Also you may notice that instead of a traditional napkin ring holder we opted to use costume jewelry as our napkin holders. This makes a great party favor or gift for you guests. I  especially love this idea for a bridal luncheon, baby shower, or even a Mother’s Day gathering. It is just a nice personal touch and simple way to tell your guests thank you for coming and that you appreciate them taking the time to come to your event.  To create the large Charcuterie board I layered Southern Living Acacia Wood Long Serving Board end to end and place the Wooden Round Cheese Board in the middle. I covered all boards with layers of parchment paper and butch paper to protect from any unwanted spills of oil stains. Then I layered a matching Southern Living Glass Floral Cake Plate on the center board to add some additional height to the table.Variety is the name of the game for the type of presentation. That means in types of food and colors. The more the merrier and the more visually interesting your board will be. When layering the items together try to pair items that would natural taste good near each other and utilize small bowls keep like Le Blanc Porcelain White Round Coupe Bowls to keep items like olives from rolling off. Also keep color pairs in mind, do not put all your orange items together in the same area or all your green items grouped together spread them out. This will naturally make your eye travel around the board.


I decided to make both the  shopping lists as a printable’s, so you can print them out and take it with you to the store to save you even more time! You can also pin them for later too, because life gets busy and I am all about making things easy for you when planning an event! 

At 5 pm the day wear turned to evening wear and wee decided to pay homage to our more decadent side with Frose’ A Dessert Board and Nespresso Bar. This board was even easier to put together since all the work is pretty much done for you. All you have to do is assemble it by layering the goodies on to the board in an artful fashion. I used the Southern Living Mango Wood Rectangle Chopping Board and layered in a cute little Mud Pie Door Knob Paddle Board Server just to add some personality to coffee bar. 

This is the perfect way to impress your guests without having to to put a lot of effort or energy into baking of preparing a dessert after a meal. All of theses items are already made for you and the most work you have to do is empty some sauces into a bowl, lol. I used Le Blanc Porcelain White Square Bowls that come in a  Set of 4, which is pretty darn easy right? Then you can just roll it out on bar cart and and make it a show, I promise your guests will love it. 


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  1. Fiorella

    This is a great idea, not just delicious but also colorful. At the end the food is the main decoration of the table 🙂

  2. These look amazing! Definitely pinning for the next time I host

  3. Just looking at the pictures make me hungry. I love how you make this board, it is really Instagram-worthy. 🙂

  4. Holy moly! Pictures like these are the reason people created the #foodinspo hashtag lol. Looks awesome. Job well done.

  5. I love this. It all looks so appetizing, plus it takes the place of a centerpiece. I also appreciate learning what was on the shopping list and where to find it. Great job!

  6. Alona

    What a great idea! Everything looks so delicious! I’m definitely gonna pin this article for the future.

  7. That looks sooo good and beautifully curated. I’m thinking of an occasion to create this for now! You made it look so easy

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