Ask The Designer “What is Your Style?”

Ask The Designer “What is Your Style?” 

In this first segment of “Ask the Designer.” I was so lucky to have the privilege to work with 16 brilliant bloggers, to share their home decorating style ideas with you. These ladies are all experts in their fields, and come from all walks of life around the world. Be sure to check out the entire Q& A Home Decor- 29 Day Challenge Event,  where each week we will focus on topics from each of our guest bloggers.  

I personally think that interior design styles are constantly evolving, or improving. So what a fun set of discussion topics to ask my esteemed fellow colleagues, how they would classify their own personal home design style and what was the journey lead them to that style.  It has truly been my distinct please to work with this talented group of ladies, and I’m sure you are going to love their decorating advice as much as I have. 

EXPERT DESIGNER-BLOG QUESTION: As a Interior Designer, I appreciate all styles and types of Interior Design. What would you classified your current “signature style” to be, and why did you choose it?

Nicole Corr  @Green Isle Landscaping

As a fashion designer by trade I have over the years researched trends both by travelling the world and by watching peoples purchasing habits and also online / through magazines. So I can appreciate all types of designs styles. My personal current signature style is classical, I love antiques, master crafted furntiure with beautful fabrics, I love bright colours and nuetrals. I love cast iron and glass, stone and wood. I get great pleasure from sitting in a room that allows me to breath, lower my heart rate and sleep. My work like a very busy so I need a home that is a retreat.

Susanne Stewart@ Life on Pearl Street 

My current design style is eclectic and I know some people think that is just a catch all term for a little bit of everything, but eclectic style can be a hot mess if you don’t do it right. I didn’t pick this style, it picked me. I love rustic metal industrial pieces, bright yellow vases from the 60’s and 70’s, neutral crisp wall color, comfy leather furniture (that is actually a necessity for dog hair) and dark wood side tables. I also love white furry throw pillows, vintage gold frames, old milk bottles, old carpenter boxes, and wooden crates. Put all of that together, and if you aren’t careful, you have a hot mess. I believe that you can’t force yourself into a design style, you have to feel it. It has to be something you are drawn to, you have to be able to love and live in the end result.

Jessica Devlin@ Jessica Devlin Designs 

My current design style is California Modern. Which is funny since I live in northern Alberta. I love the clean lines and crisp feel. There is something so cool about the style and it always stops me in my scroll. I live in a mid century modern home and it’s the perfect fit! I can’t wait to start renovating.

 Sarah Foote @The Project Pile 

My design style is what I like to call “eclectically rustic.” If I had to actually describe my design style, it would be something like “antique old-world meets modern new-world”! Um, does that even make sense?! Well first off, I love collecting antiques and treasure hunting! I then bring these antiques or “treasures” home, and try to incorporate them into my more modern home décor. I feel like it’s a very fine line that I walk though… trying to incorporate all of this old-world stuff into my home without having it look like the home of a hoarder, or the home of an eighty year-old woman! Tricky, tricky!

Kim Boes @Reinvented KB 

My signature style leans toward modern farmhouse. I love all things shiplap, and old metal, rustic wood, with light walls and dark contrast. I struggled quite awhile finding my style; debating color vs. neutral, light vs. dark, and modern vs. traditional. In the past year I realized that although I had fleeting interest in other styles, I always came back to photos of modern rustic farmhouse spaces. It’s amazing how much simpler life is when one finally settles on a signature look; I am less tempted by every little thing, knowing exactly what will fit in our home and bring us joy for the long term.

 Christy Harper @ The Harper House 

I’d say my design style at the moment is classic coastal farmhouse. I love all things coastal even though we live in the midwest. We just installed white shiplap throughout most of our first floor, and I plan on adding a linen colored sectional with soft blue and sea glass green accessories. I need my home to be comfortable and approachable for my family and guests, and I think the coastal farmhouse style adds the perfect welcoming vibe that I want our home to portray.

Pam List @ Momma Can

Eclectic – I have always appreciated different styles of decor. I grew up as a military brat and therefore was a bit nomadic. My early childhood was in Istanbul, Turkey and we brought home several marble pieces for our living and dining room. I still remember the bookcase made of iron and gray marble. My parents used this unique piece in the living room for years, and then when we moved into our first permanent home, it became an outdoor fixture and held tons of plants and interesting rock pieces. And fast-forward to meeting my husband and moving to California we both have instrument collections. He guitars and I drums. Having the freedom of embracing Eclectic design allows both of us to have beautiful instruments throughout the home. I love mixing traditional pieces with instruments and art from our travels.

Sam Franklin  @ A Happy Home in Holland 

This is kind of hard for me to pin down because I would say that my style is pretty eclectic. I guess it is a combination of Scandinavian, Rustic, Farmhouse and Coastal, whatever that is, with a little bit of Dutch style thrown in for good measure. I think you can attribute a lot of my personal home style to my life experiences. I am British born and have travelled quite a bit, I lived in Greece for a number of years and I now live in the Netherlands. These factors all have a lot of influence over the styles that I am drawn to. I like bright fresh rooms with neutral walls which allows me to bring in lots of other elements. At the moment our home is filled with a mix of new and second hand furniture which we inherited when we first moved to the Netherlands. Whilst I love a lot of the new styles that you see in the shops at the moment I do actually love the challenge of recycling and update things to give them a fresh and modern twist. I am also really drawn to curves, round shapes and intricate patterns which I tend to bring in with home décor accents. I particularly like to accessorise with lots of mirrors, cushions, candles, natural elements, glass vases, fresh flowers and plants. This is how I mix all the different styles and bring it all together.

Emy Flint @ Semi Gloss Design 

If I had to coin a name for my style, it would be boho eclectic vintage. I love old stuff and lots of colors. I also love a relaxed feel, with nothing being too precious. This style fits my lifestyle and my love of collecting.

Yami Platero  @ The Latina Next Door 

I’m still working on my signature style and as of right now, it’s a little bit of modern farmhouse with a coastal and contemporary twist. I love me some “Fixer Upper” and Joanna Gaines took the world by storm with Ship Lap and she took me with her. But I like a more clean line farmhouse look because I still like shiny chrome fixtures and sleek lines, but I am also from Puerto Rico and I love anything that will remind me of being on swanky high end hotel off an ocean coast, so I love me soft soft blues and wicker accents… See? All over the place. 😉

Denise Bryant @ My Thrifty House

I would consider my current style to be an eclectic mix of flea market chic and industrial farmhouse. I can honesly say the only pieces of furniture in my home that were purchased at a store are the beds. Everything else has been purchased at a flea market, thrift store or garage sale.

Tina Bousu @ Eclectict Twist

I am definitely an eclectic lover. I don’t think I chose it as much as it chose me. I love EVERY single style of design. There is something to be appreciated in every genre and every period. I personally like to combine it all for a feeling of balance. I have several antique pieces around from accessories like old books to old dressers and abused workbenches that I combine with modern classic lined pieces like a chesterfield sofa but upholstered in a light powder blue leather or a zinc coffee table in a classic silhouette. Every design style has something to offer and I’m not about to let any of it get by me! Farmhouse sink, I LOVE, but combine it with grey stained cabinets and a marble arabesque backsplash and I call it a perfect combination. I won’t lean to much one way or the other for a particular style which makes me very eclectic!

Susie Kuc @ Tiny House Giant Life 

I’d have to say my style is Mid-Century Modern Eclectic and I did not choose it, it chose me. As a designer, years of helping others find their style has led me to appreciate all of it. I just love that eclectic mix of old and new, trendy and classic, its that perfectly imperfect mix that really makes a room for me. Not any one piece actually makes or breaks the design, but altogether they create a feeling that everything matters and is useful.


Sam Hay @ Raggedy Bits

Vintage Farmhouse. I have always loved collecting and styling with old wares and love incorporating painted furniture that I paint. It all stems back to my child hood and spending lots of time with my grandparents on their apple farm and finding lots of treasure

Liz Elliott @ Franc and Eli

Modern bohemian, becuase that is just what I am naturally drawn to. I didn’t choose it – it chose me!

Jennifer Gainer @ Jenron Designs

I consider my current signature style to be, Industrial Farmhouse Chic. There is  a slight nod in the coastal direction, but mainly only with my homes color pallet. Honestly, I think I ended up here since my childhood home was  very Traditional with hints of Danish Modern (very clean with simple lines). My husband has always been drawn to more rustic Craftsman styles (like a log cabins or mountain chalets). Since I was born and raised in the South, and we live in foothills of the North Georgia Mountain’s, it just seems to be a nice compromise of our backgrounds and local traditions. Plus “Fixer Upper” helped to streamline this look into the current market. I mean you gotta love Chip and Joanna Gaines, making farmhouse eclectic an everyday staple one house at a time.


Well there you have it folks, you got this information straight from the designer’s mouth. I hope you found all the advice and insight to be helpful, I know I sure did. I would once again, like to thank this amazing panel of ladies, that come to us from around the globe, some as far away as Australia, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Netherlands, plus all of our local home grown beauties. I am truly lucky to be included in such a wonderful group of bloggers.  



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  2. Hi! I know this is ASK The Designer, and probably more focused on home designs verse web designs, but i really love yours and figured I would just ask here. Do you know if they make any plugins to safeguard against hackers? I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on. Any suggestions?

    • Well when building a website or blog page, you need to be aware that things like hackers, can and do occur. I would first recommend using a reputable host site that has built in features to help safe guard you. Of course your will also want to take standard pre cautions of a fire wall on your personal server as well, but let’s be honest if someone really wants in they will find a way. My last pice of advice would be to always save all of your code on a back up flash drive, in case the worst should happen you can always recreate everything from scratch.

  3. Jennifer, great question! I really loved taking part in this challenge. I have gained so much knowledge and inspiration from everyone and it has just further increased my love of interior design.

  4. I love everyone’s answers and I am amazed that so many of us consider ourselves eclectic! Wonderful question, I enjoyed reading all the answers 🙂

    • Thanks Denise, I loved your post as well and I am excited to feature it this month in my “Ask The Designer” segment!!!

  5. Really fabulous styles! Something to connect with and appreciate in every single one. I’m so excited about our group of talented ladies too!

    • Thank you Tina I have truly enjoyed working with you. I am look forward to our next collaboration. I can’t wait to feature your blog question, coming up in the soon in my Ask the Designer segment. Take care girl!!!

  6. I love your idea of these series where you ask the designers their personal favourite styles. I was not acquainted with many of these designers and it serves as a great collection of inspirational designers

    • Thank you I was very lucky to find a great group of bloggers. Be sure to check in we have a lot more segments on the way!!!

  7. I love Danish Modern but with 4 kids and constantly moving military life we are definitely eclectic.

    • That makes perfect sense, I truly think most people’s homes are eclectic in this day an age. If you get grandma’s hand me downs or your spouses family heirlooms their is no guarantee that their style will go with yours. So we just mesh them together as best we can. Plus if you are be relocated with the military, each new location will have it’s own demographic style, meaning that is all that is available in the location. I say embrace it and enjoy being able to reinvent yourself each time you relocate.

    • Thank you Ophelia it is a great group. I am actually a newer blogger only about 4 months now, so this is my first blog group and I could not have asked for a better group of ladies, they are truly amazing!!!

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