Ask The Designer “What Are Your Top 3 Decorating Items?”

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Pam List @

“What Are Your Top 3 Decorating Items?”


Pam List @mommacan -here are my top three decorating items. My absolute favorite versatile decor is white dishes, clear glass jars, and trays. I collect trays like most women collect shoes! Glass jars can be used for storing dry goods to holding an elegant summer bouquet, and white dishes compliment any table in any season.

Thanks Pam!! Can you guess my 3 favorite decorating items? Be sure to check out my answer featured at location #15 (Click here to link to Pam’s blog and the get answers from our 16 expert bloggers)

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  1. This is a great guest post. I love that you have featured designers for your blog excellent idea!!

  2. I found this information very useful, I need to check out your other posts too!! Thanks for sharing

  3. Fun segment, great design insight, and a lovely group. How did you all find each other? You guys seem to be from all over the world.

    • It is a great group pf ladies. We all met through the 2017 Spring ORC, which is the One Room Challenge. We formed a group and the rest is history. These ladies are so super talented and I am luck to be able to collaborate with them.

  4. This was a great read, I find it interesting to know what interior designers say about there own decorating style. It is funny you all picked the same 3 things for the most part. Baskets, books and plants. There were a few different ideas in there but the consistence says something. Note taken!

  5. I love that you all have the same ideas of the 3 decorating items to use, even though you are countries apart. Just proves we are all alike and on the same page. All the Best.

  6. I love this post, such a great question and so many good answers. I am not sure how you were able to only pick 3 things. Baskets, Book, Glass, Plants and Pillows would be on mine. See that’s 5, ha ha ha

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