DIY Architectural Cedar Ceiling Beams

DIY Architectural Cedar Ceiling Beams

DIY Architectural Cedar Ceiling Beams will outline how to install and build your own cedar ceiling beams from scratch.

 I am excited to announce we just built and installed our own custom-made  Architectural Cedar Ceiling Beams. This DIY will layout the steps and show you exactly how to make your own beams. No more lifting up heavy land beams up to get a decorative look. This was another one of our quick weekend projects, which only took two days from start to finish. Take a quick look at our room before we added the beams. It was nice, but pretty plain, very vanilla box looking. The flat ceilings were vast, and lacked any kind of personality.In all honesty I wanted to add beams to the room from the very beginning, I felt like the room really needed the rich warmth of the wood. Unfortunately, like many of our other DIY projects, the cost to install at the time of building was just silly. We chose to put our money into intangible structures that we knew we could not do ourselves after the fact. At the end of the day this $200 project saved us a ton of money and was pretty simple to do.So to start our project we first needed to build out the cedar boxes. Prior to building the cedar boxes I decided to stain our cedar plank boards. Mainly just for ease of install and I really didn’t want to try and stain them in place. I chose the Minwax  Penetrating Interior Wood Stain, Jacobean satin color from Minwax to match the rest of our stained doors, handrails and stair treads.As you can see the cedar grain left a beautiful stain pattern in the raw cedar planks. It almost has a tiger eye look when wet, but it dries down to a more subtle uniform stain color. The next step was to glue the boards together to form a box. We chose to glue, with Elmer’s E7290 Carpenter’s Wood Glue Max,  just to avoid possible gaping on down the road. We glued each of the sides to the base and clamped for 12 hours over night to dry. You will have some glue that oozes out, make sure to wipe it off so the stain will still adhere to your cedar.We used these clamps  TEKTON Mini 6-Inch x 1-1/2-Inch Ratchet Bar Clamp and 9-Inch Spreader  to hold the beams in place. Then we used a brads and a nail gun to secure the beams together for a more permanent use.  This will allow us to lift the faux up and secure to the ceiling without the worry of breaking the beam apart. Make sure when choosing your brads you pick one that is  very thin, so you do not split the cedar planks. Also confirm that the length will pass through both the front side of the board and at least a 1  1/2″ brad into the back board as well. Once this step is done you are ready to install. So this next step was completed during the time it took the stain to dry, because there is nothing as boring as watching paint dry, or in this case stain. We are using Minwax Jacobean since it is the stain color for our entire home, meaning doors, handrails, steps.

Designer Tip: Try to stick with existing colors when doing projects to keep a level of continuity in your home. This will make the rooms seem thoughtful and not like an add on. This technique makes the home have a flow to the design verses a chaotic room by room design style.

We penciled guidelines on to the ceiling. 1 line measured off the wall to make sure the beams would be square in the room, and another line where the ceiling joist are located. You can also use a chalk line or laser line if this is easier. Then we attached 2×6 pine boards to the ceiling with 4″ decking screws. This is the frame work your will attach your cedar boxes too.Next we hoisted the faux wrap beams up, placed them on the wooden guide rails and nail them in with a nail gun. Sorry no pictures of this as I too was on a ladder, and assisting in the lift.You may be asking why we left space in between the boards, there is really not an answer other than it was easier to transport the two 6′ foot boards than one 12′. Plus the room is 13 1/2′ feet wide, which brings me to the next issue we discovered upon going to purchase supplies, the is called designing-on-the-fly.Cedar plank only come in 12′ foot lengths which mean we would have a seam. Well I do not like to see seams anywhere, so we had to come up with a solution. (Side bar Note: I am so anti seams, I requested all my marble countertops be one solid piece with zero seams. Yep I am that person) One thought was to piece the beams together and have metal bands wrap the seam. Which could work but I was not thrilled about the metal bands, I wanted it to look more natural. So we decided to build a 1’foot cedar cap box for either end to wrap the beam and make up the distance.Prior to installing the cap we needed to cut out the crown molding. For this task we used a Dremel Cordless Rotary Tool Kit, which gave us a precise straight line, which elevated any gaps. Just make sure your measurement is accurate, and based off the final width of your beam and cap.The final step of this project was sliding the cap over the beam into the crown gap and nail into place. So here is a look at the final result of adding our own architectural beams to the living room.They really make a huge ascetic difference to the entire room, it warms up the space draws the eye to an interesting focal point and truly make the home feel a whole lot more custom. In fact after discussing my husband and I both agree the wooden caps actually make the beams seem less faux and more structural. So that particular project challenge turned into a happy design detail which we will say was all a part of the plan, wink wink.

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  1. Wow! Your beams look amazing, and how easy to do! Great tutorial, they make a world of difference in your room.

  2. Thank you Susanne!! It might be our last big DIY for a while. My husband damaged his shoulder and now will be having surgery to correct it. At least we a headed into the seasonal decor so I can float by for a while.

  3. This looks awesome!! Just what I needed to read, too–we’ve finished out our attic into an office for the hubby and have some structural *ugly* 2x4s we need to cover up! You made this look super easy!!

  4. Stella, I am so glad you enjoyed the post. Yes it really was super easy and the finish project perfect. The pictures just do not do the beams justice, plus you don’t get the rustic smell of cedar from the pictures. Good luck with your project, shoot me a picture the it’s done I would love to see it 🙂

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  6. Hannah Rinstrow

    Thank you for posting such an easy tutorial. I have wanted ceiling beams for a while but even the faux ones are so expensive. Building the way you did I will be able to put several up at a fraction of the price. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  7. Crosswords & Coffee

    This is a very good idea. I really make room stand out and look nice. You have a eye for design. Nice job.

  8. Aya Aleksanlrcz

    Greetings from Germany. Please excuse my English, I am learning. Nice article. I am very interest in these beams and how you created them. I will be reading in English just to learn more. Thank you.

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  10. Phillis Bostick

    I really love these beams. They look so real not faux at all. Thank you for posting how to construct and make them, it looks pretty easy, and I think I will try it.

  11. Terry Williams

    Great project, and even better instructions. I may have to try it out. How hard could it be right?

  12. Roxanne Jones

    These faux cedar beams are amazing I can not believe how easy they are to make. You creative mind has taken something that looks like a million bucks and created it for pennies on the dollar. I can’t wait to try it in my home.

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    Wow this is a great idea, I always thought those beams were solid wood. Then I showed this to my husband and he said most of the beams these days are faux beams like what you just built. Then he snatched my iPad away to take a closer look. GUESS WHO’S GONNA GET SOME BEAMS???????? THANK YOU 😀

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    Thank you for providing individuals with such exceptional possibilities, when they read your blog posts. It really is jam-packed with a ton of great ideas. Of course, I’m not installing cedar beams anytime soon I am 58 years old lol. But this post is undeniably impressive.

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  74. Stacey

    I am sooooooo glad I stumbled across this post! I was literally having the same dilemma with my need for a 13 ft beam but only having a 12ft plank and was not liking the idea of the metal wraps or seams. I LOVE the look of your end caps though, because it just adds such a lovely detail to the ceiling instead of just a straight post….thank you so much for sharing and the inspiration!!!!

  75. Stacey I am so glad that you found what you needed and the end caps are going to work for you! It is always exciting when we get to hear that our posts have help others to inspire others to achieve their design goals too! We would love to see your finished project when it is finished, all the best!

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