A Sweet Little Indoor Picnic

A Sweet Little Indoor Picnic

It is getting to be that hot and humid time of year again here in GA.  So we are avoiding the bugs and the heat with a sweet little indoor picnic to celebrate our anniversary. 

How my husband and I ever survived a July wedding, I will never know. Maybe it was cooler 20 years ago, and this is all just a result of global warming. I do not know, but this Georgia heat index is ridiculous. As many of you guys know, my husband sustained an injury to his shoulder recently, which took all of our travel plans for our 20th anniversary and put them into a holding pattern. We will still go and celebrate, eventually, just not on our actual anniversary this month or even this year, lol. I decided to share a fun TBT picture to July 26, 1997. I have always loved this candid shot of me trying to tromp through the grass in heels, as my sweet hubby to be reaches back to make sure I don’t end up face first on the ground. Since we are at home for our anniversary, I decided it would nice to have a cute little romantic picnic. Que problem #2……. apparently Atlanta, GA is now the new Seattle, WA because it has rained for days this summer. This is a very unusual trend for our drought stricken state, so you will hear not complaints for me. However it makes planning a picnic outside…..challenging. So gave up on the outdoor portion and I decided to plan a quaint little indoor picnic, with a view of the outdoors. Hey less bugs and air conditioning so that’s a win, win. I set up the picnic right in the middle of our family room, which has this beautiful bowed wall of windows over looking the woods and creek. I started the picnic setup off with my mother’s Irish linen table topper. Those infamous galvanized chargers, that I am so in love with this month, along with a selection of pretty glass jars to reflect the light, and some simple snacks.Just a a light version of a charcuterie board with maple glazed turkey, Manchego cheese (hubby’s favorite), rosemary crackers and some sliced apples and oranges.

 Then onto the main course Sissy’s Fried Goat Cheese & Strawberry Salad. This is a fantastic recipe given to me by my dear friend Niki. Honestly I have made a few tweaks in the prep so now it is even simpler for a week night dinner. I think  we lhave it least once a week in during the summer and especially during strawberry season. Click the link above for the full recipe and my DIY tips on pre prep for easy week night dinners. I also toasted up some homemade croutons with a multi grain french loaf, and some OLI+VE Persian Lime Olive Oil. Which makes them taste fantastic with out any seasoning required.  Finally what is a picnic with out lemonade so I made a semi homemade Blueberry Lemonade Cupcake, which you can link over to get the details. Again, all of my recipes are super simple this one starts with a box cake mix, how easy is that?  They were fantastic and so delicious you really must make them. Thank you for joining us on our indoor picnic, which is a fun idea it you ever find yourself stuck inside during monsoon season. 

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  1. Thank you ever so for you article posts they are always so inspiring to me. Will read on to see more of what you have been up too……

  2. Thanks for your posting such a fun idea for a indoor picnic, in England it literally rains all the time so indoor picnics are a must.

  3. I really enjoy the article post.Much thanks again. Awesome.

  4. I like this idea for a romantic date night, seems like the ladies like it too! I will try to do this for my next tender date. Fingers crossed.

  5. I love that switch up! You always have endless ideas for mixing great flavors.
    The idea to prep and freeze the goat cheese medallions is brilliant! I am inspired to put a batch of those in the freezer.
    The salads always remind me of happy times of get togethers. It just reminded me that I always had to make the Asian salad with the orange vinaigrette for Bill.
    I think we comforted ourselves with the presence of greens at the table feeling sure they allowed us extra cocktails or maybe Halloween candy.Lol. Hugs!

  6. Thank you my friend, I was not sure how you felt about a a shout out so I decided to code it with our nicknames!!! You the originator of this amazing salad, we eat all the time, in fact I just made it for lunch today. I tweaked it again by adding BBQ chicken, eliminating the fruit, using a basic garden salad base and using a store bought Tomato Vidalia Onion salad dressing, which with the goat cheese medallions was fantastic!!! Ever since I learned to freeze the medallions I out them on everything. xoxox, Muffy Cloverchains

  7. Happy Anniversary dear friends! It’s beautiful to see each year get sweeter and sweeter.❤️
    I love the “tweaked” flavors added to the croutons,yummy.
    My husband looks forward to this salad like dessert to a meat a potatoes meal. It’s a favorite meal to me!
    So anyone who feels they aren’t really salad people should really give it a try.😉
    You created such a lovely setting for a celebratory occasion. Cheers to many more!

  8. I really do love this idea, especially for a special occasion. Happy Anniversary! The food looks awesome.

  9. This dinner looks absolutely delicious are the recipes available on your site? If not they should be. Pretty colors of glass bottles play nicely with the green outdoors in the windows. Great job, I will be a avid follower!

  10. Great idea I hate bugs and heat but I sure do like to eat. I that salad looks amazing! Thanks for the fun post.

  11. You have such a eye for table settings. The pictures are stunning even with it being taken on a rainy day. Keep up the good work, I am a die hard reader and follower that can’t wait to see you holiday stuff.

  12. You have a beautiful blog with very inventive ideas and design work. I truly enjoy stopping by to see what you are up too. Do you have a online store for all your great finds or do you source out? Just checking so I can stay all your great ideas. 🙂 TTFN

  13. How sweet! That salad looks good and do not eat a whole lot of salads, my hubs is a meat and potatoes kind of guy, so not many salads around here in TX. Anywho great blog fantastic design I am signing up for your newsletters because I do want to stay in the know, LOL.

  14. A very nice idea for a dreary day, we have a few of those here. I think I might have to steal this idea for a date night. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. Well that seem like a great idea for a rainy day date options. Just stay in right? Great blog and those cupcakes like killer.

  16. Ah this is so cute! And I love the idea of having an indoor picnic to celebrate! And happy anniversary of course! (PS that cupcake looks sooooo good)

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