Botanical Guest Bedroom Suite

GET A ROOM: The Botanical Guest Bedroom Suite

I recently decided to update our twin guest bedroom into a lush bohemian based Botanical retreat.

This year I decided it was time to give one of our first decorated and designed rooms a little face lift. Believe it or not, after moving to our new home 3 year ago this was one of the first spaces I put together. One of the main reasons was because it was empty and did not have any furniture, which I am sure seems counter intuitive to some people, why not just leave it empty right? Well I know I wanted a guest room that could accommodate twin beds for some of the upcoming guests I knew we would be hosting, and I also had always wanted a set of farmhouse style iron beds. At the time it seemed less daunting than the rest of my home, that I had to figure out how to make old furniture work within. 

This was how it basically ended up. I ordered the Cavaillon Panel Beds, I owned the chandelier and we found the bedding on a great bed in bag sale at the time. I refinished a few pieces of project furniture that I had been meaning to get to over the years, and voila the room came together relatively easy. Now I have grown tired of the orange bedding and wanted to give the room an updated feel with reinventing the wheel.

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This was my inspiration board, which got me started on this project. I always recommend, when you are ready to make a change, that you go with things that you love. That is were my Pinterest boards really help me out. I love to review things that have been inspiring me, calling to me or drawing my eye. Clearly, I have decidedly had some obsession with birds, feathers, botanical and dreamcatchers, as of late.  This is pointing me in the direction of bohemian or the even newer trend jungalow, a mix of jungle and bohemian.   Y’all I am not sure how all this calculates in with my love of rustic farmhouse yet, but I am going to make it work, maybe “fun-galow” or “farm-galow” I do not know. All I know is the heart wants what the heart wants. So as you can see, I have added in a lot of rich green tones along with the standard farmhouse grey, which I really love. I kept the feather prints, because they really worked great in this entire theme, and ended up matching my drapes perfectly. We have layered the beds with a nice light weight quilt set, in light mint green available from Ballards. The next layer is the  Reith Duvet Cover Set, which has a Utopia Hypoallergenic comforter, with corner tie tabs, which is so important with a duvet cover.  Finally, the last layer is my favorite, the ultra lush the Kennebunk Bliss Plush Throw, in Grey.This side board is one of my trash to treasures that I refinished with Amy Howard chalk paint in Selznick Grey. I will never forget, I got a phone call the day before Thanksgiving that this piece was going to the curb, and if I wanted it I needed to come get it right that second. Well, my entire family was at my house.  So, it became a big old family field trip, my brother, brother-in law, and oldest nephew which all assisted my husband to claim this beauty for me, while I continued to cook our holiday meal. I also think, somehow they ended up buying another turkey and deep frying it while they were there too… because they also came home with a deep fried turkey.  It was a Thanksgiving adventure that I am still grateful for to this day.


Some of you guys that follow me on instagram may have read my post about these encyclopedias and how I ordered them when I was five years old. Yep true story, I actually ripped an advertisement out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine and filled out the postage paid card for this lovely set of 1980 Funk & Wagnall New World Encyclopedias. They were delivered to our door COD, I am guessing about 6 weeks later. My mother, who was completely shocked and mortified, made me explain to the truck driver how this ordering mistake had occurred. However, I do recollect that he really did not seem to care, LOL he just needed to collect his payment and to move on to his next delivery, talk about learning a life lesson early on, sheesh. Oh, and I might add this would have been my family’s second set of encyclopedias, which I had ordered because I found the color of these books to be more esthetically pleasing than the set we already owned. So, I was clearly meant to be a designer from a very easily age. Well, we are all out of time this week, but join me next time when I relive “How I accidentally set the house on fire, never leave candles unattended, but hey I got to repaint my room black” ~age 15, to be continued….

Well, I hope I didn’t scare to many of you off with the story time above, now to get back to today’s design choices. These beautiful muticolor, feather print drapery panels are from Deconovo. They are a thermal insulated blackout curtain, which are perfect for a bedroom because they prevent heat from escaping and blocks that pesky morning sunlight from entering the room. There is really nothing worse than light pouring into your room before it is time to get up, I mean seriously don’t get me started on Daylight savings time. We opted to keep our original wall mirror, and now the moss colored filigree really shines with all the additional shades of green in the room. It also had a very botanical feeling as well, which proves that things just work out. I have had this piece for almost 20 years now and it looks amazing in this room, as if I had purchased it to go in this space. Our new Deconovo Handmade Monstera Leaf Embroidered Pillow Covers add just the right amount of custom elegance to the bed. It is not too over done but the eye catching pattern and quality of hand stitched pillows will not be overlooked by your guests. It is the touches like this that can elevate any space to make it feel more custom, and I have to say at $14.99 for a set of two, these pillows are such a wonderful quality and your guest will never know you got such a deal with the hand stitch details.  They really are very reminiscent of things I have seen for quadruple the price at Anthropologie. 

Between the beds, we have a luxurious white Faux Sheepskin Shag Rectangle Runner, in a 2’x3’size. This creates a nice warm soft place for your feet to land in the mornings when you wake. I have found that while I love having hardwood floors throughout my home, little touches like this help, especially during the winter months to make your guests feel more comfortable.

We also added the Mara Crewl Pillow from Ballard’s to the bed, just to bring a touch more grey to the party, they pair very nicely with the Kennebunk Bliss Plush Throw that I picked up from Nordstroms on the anniversary sale. I decided after looking at the space for about a week, that it needed a piece of framed art on the empty space between the drapes. It was just a big empty hole and my eyes kept landing there eveytime I would enter the room. All I can say is trust your instincts, if you eye lands there and it needs something chances are your gut is not wrong. I actually already owned this piece of pressed paper art  that I picked up last year at the SugarBoo warehouse sale. I did not know exactly where it was going to go, until now.  The quote seemed like an inspirational way to start your day, so therefore perfect for a for guest bedroom. I also already had this great rustic frame too, that I snagged at a Hobby Lobby 80% off sale for $4.99.  So, all I needed was a matte board to mount the pressed paper to, and voila, Insta-Art.

All in all, I am pleased with the new botanical boho look we have in this room. I find it be more soothing and pleasing to eye and probably more restful and relaxing for our guests as well. I guess I will just have to ask the next lucky set of over night visitors that get to try out all the new stuff, what they think about the new digs.

* This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. These involve no extra cost to you, but may result in me receiving a small commission should you decide to purchase after clicking on my links – for which I am very grateful! You can view my full advertising disclosure here.

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  9. Lindsay I know these pillows are one of my favorite things and the quality is amazing for the price. A total STEAL! They are hand stitched and really feel like and high end accessory that you would pay $30-50 each for I say buy them while you can girl, I would not steer you wrong on this. xoxox

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