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What is GET A ROOMEach month I will provide my followers with a free Vision Board complete with all the links to recreate the room in their own home. It will all be designed, matched and balanced to create a perfect room every time, all you have to do is know your room dimensions for windows, rugs and furniture pieces. Think about those box cosmetics and fashion subscriptions, it is the same idea but no charge to my followers.

Why is it FREE: First and foremost I LOVE Interior Design. I have decided, that while I personally love Industrial Farmhouse Chic and Farmhouse design, which is uber hot right now; I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea. As a Interior Designer I can appreciate all forms of home decor and I wanted to provide some of my other creative visions. Then, make them available to my followers, for free.  Also, I get a lot of inquires about interior design for specific types of rooms, and yes I can still do some custom design work.  However, I felt like this was the quickest platform to package a few universal designs and you might be able to find a design that works for you that you just love.

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The She Shed

Last month one of my readers asked if I could feature a design based in a smaller space. Which got me to thinking about how I would design a Tiny House, or Loft Apartment. In smaller spaces you really must think about how you intend to use the space and utilize every inch, since real estate is in such high demand.

Since we just celebrated Mother’s Day, I wanted to pay homage to ladies every where by creating a she shed. Which is a perfect example of a very small space that would need to be designed to fit many needs.  I have seen she shed’s themed for gardening, painting, reading, crafting and sewing; basically any hobby or pass time time that a lady chooses when trying to relax and unwind. 


The most important thing to remember when designing a small space is to keep your furniture pieces minimal but multi functional. For example this day bed can be a sofa or bed and has storage drawers underneath which is essential in a tight space. Nesting tables can be stored away when not in use but provides extra surfaces when needed. Vertical is always a good choice when you have very little floor space, pick items with a small footprint and go tall. 


1. South Shore Summer Breeze Daybed with Storage (39″), Twin, Blueberry 2. Pothos Wood and Metal Leaner Storage Bin 5.5 ft Decorative Ladder 3.  3-Piece Modern Stackable Nesting Coffee End Table 

4. Kate & Laurel Pink Chunky Throw 5. Erie 100% Cotton Throw Pillow  6. Becky Mongolian Fur Throw Pillow

For a she shed you want the space to be lux, cozy and uber girly. I think a chandelier is a must for this type space. I love this beaded rustic chandelier which may seem excessive for this type of space, but right now it is 60% off at Wayfair making it a total steal, so I say splurge. 

7. Tremiere 5-Light Candle-Style Chandelier  8. Felicia 2 Piece Metal Mirrored Ornate Decorative Tray  9. Achim Home Furnishings Buono II Rod with Carson Finial

I like the idea of keeping the space clean and neutral. Then change out your throws and pillows seasonally. I imagine the space lined with floor to ceiling drapes like the pretty one below. 

10. Tommy Bahama White Chevron Quilt Set  11.‘She Designed’ Framed Textual Art on Wood 12. Rivau Solid Sheer Tab Top Single Curtain Panel

Make sure to add the creature comforts to your she shed. Since it is an outdoor room, you may want to add a fan for the warmer months. This oscillation stand fan is fantastic and does not take up a lot of floor space. Of course, you would find a wine cooler, similar to this one, in my she shed. This is a nice one, since it has adjustable shelves to house cans or bottles. 

13. Curtis MIS2433 Beverage Center (101 Cans Or 24 Wine Bottle), Black 14. Honeywell HYF290B Quietset 8-Speed Whole-Room Tower Fan

I love this little structure, which is absolutely perfect for a she shed. While I do love the shed in this rustic barn red color, I would recommend that you match the exterior colors to your existing home’s  exterior colors to keep the HOA and neighbors happy. This shed also has the fanatastic touches of the weather vane and the window box, which only adds to the charm. 

15. Alpine Structures 10 ft. w X 12ft. D


  1. I would love to have a she-shed. Very cute.

  2. I’ve always wanted to have a she-shed, and designing small spaces is honestly such a fun challenge! I’ll probably be having to downsize my own space soon, so this is great stuff to keep in mind!

  3. Well, I live in a building, so there’s no garden to have a shed in. However, my boyfriend and I have three rooms and the third was unused until recently. Nope, we didn’t start a family, unless I count my blog as my baby! :))
    Anyway, this last weekend I worked on decluttering this third room, to turn it into a nice place to blog from or to read a book. There are two ideas I liked and might use: pillows with a similar pattern and the framed quote. Thank you!

  4. Dreaming of a she shed! I like that you give us the structure and give us just enough space to put our personal stamp on it. Thanks for all the great ideas and inspiration.

  5. Nailil

    I love all the decorative pieces here. I have heard about the shed for women before and think it’s such a neat idea!

    Xx, Nailil

  6. I love the idea of a she shed! I wish we had room on our property for it because I need this. The mix of shabby chic and glam are right up my alley too!

  7. Chrishon

    Omg this is so creative. I love this idea and the design.

  8. These are cute ideas! I wish I could have a She Shed! Except it would have to have A/C because we live in Florida! 🙂

  9. The idea of the “She Shed is new to me. It seems to be equivalent of the man cave. It would really be nice to have a “She shed with all the girly things and girly colors I like without my husband saying that is too girly. He doesn’t like me telling him how to take of his man cave. This would be a good one.

  10. Sydney

    OMG I love this

  11. I never knew a she-shed even existed! I want one now after reading your post!

  12. Such a new concept…it’s pretty cool that you are giving such a pretty cool concept in free…Just want to create a cozy corner for me only…love the idea of frame and fur throw pillows…will love to see more ideas.

  13. Jubilee D Meyer

    Love this!! So cute. I absolutely love #11.

  14. Jubilee I know me too!!!! It was one of my favs!!!

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