Fixing Up Patio Chairs for the Season

Fixing Up Patio Chairs for the Season

This week I am sharing how we are fixing up Patio Chairs for the season, with this easy DIY Industrial look.

If you guys are like me, you might find yourself looking at your older patio furniture this season and are bit disenchanted. Unfortunately, if you try to go buy something to replace your patio pieces you may be equally as disenchanted with the selections that you find due to the supply chain issues, we are currently facing. This is what inspired my story and why I am fixing up patio chairs for the season.  Patio Furniture Refinish JENRON DESIGNS This almost 10-year-old patio furniture, originally from the Better Homes and Gardens collection, which has clearly seen better days. Honestly, I still haven’t found a set that I like as much as I do this set, it sits great and has a nice sturdy frame, so I was willing to try and fix the sad loss of the plastic wicker backing, which was never made to last 10 years in the hot Georgia sun. Honestly the plastic wicker design is probably my least favorite part of the set, and the worst part of the entire design. Busted Wicker Back JENRON DESIGNSThe first step in this process was to remove the busted wicker back, which you can see I tried, unsuccessfully, to duct tape back together at the end of last season. Once the back was removed it was very clear that the chair did not have enough cross beams to hold weight on its own, like the base, which was sad but was not going to sway my journey.  Removing Busted wicker back JENRON DESIGNSWe had purchased sheet metal for another project which never came to pass, which happens a lot around here. However, those sheet metal pieces would be perfect for a new chair backer here. Cutting Sheet Metal JENRON DESIGNSI just needed Ron to cut the sheet down to the correct size to fit the backs of the chairs properly. For that he ended up using a his dremel tool with a cutting blade. For this step you will want to wear safety goggles as you can see the sparks really flew.Screw In Metal to Chair Metal JENRON DESIGNSOnce the correct size was cut it was easy to just screw the metal directly into the chair frame creating an industrial looking chair back. Which is sturdy and weather resistant too. These screws were the type of self-tapping screws we used to give it that industrial look.   Screws for Chair Metal JENRONRon secured the metal on all edges and across the middle back brace. The entire project was very quick, simple and done in less than an hour. He used a clamp to hold the metal sheet in place while he placed the corner screws to make sure the metal was square on the chair.  Screws for Chair Middle Back JENRONThen he used the clamps again in the middle, to get the proper bend for the metal in the middle without creating a crease or permanent bend mark. As you can see the backs turned out great and look amazing. I am very happy with the new chair backs.  Finished Chair Metal JENRONI will say that I had considered painting the metal black to match the chair, but the more I look at the finished chair, the more I like the contrast of the silver. I also want to see how it holds heat this summer, but I think the silver will reflect the heat, which may be very beneficial this summer.PIN ME for later and be sure to follow us on Pinterest at: Jen @ JENRON DESIGNS

Fixing Patio Chairs JENRON DESIGNS


  1. If I was creative in doing this then I’d be on my way but myself and tools are a no match.

  2. I love DIYs! I love that I can express what i think and feel on what I am doing. Congrats on fixing that chair!

  3. Well done. I love how the new finished chair looks. I wish I was that handy 🙂

  4. Tisha

    That looks awesome! Great fix for that chair!

  5. I love how you’re taking us through the process of how you went from the before to the after. Love how the chair turned out! Very cool finish with a lot of character.

  6. Wow you did an amazing job, they look incredible

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