Cozy Earth Day Spring Bedroom Refresh

Spring Refresh Cozy Earth JENRON DESIGNS

Cozy Earth Day Spring Bedroom Refresh

This month for my Ask The Designer Segment, I was very excited to combine two things I love, Cozy Earth products and Earth Day! So I present, a Cozy Earth Day Spring Bedroom Refresh!

Happy Spring Everyone! Who is ready for a spring bedroom refresh? This month for my Ask The Designer Segment, I was very excited to combine two things I love Cozy Earth products and Earth Day, so I present “A Cozy Earth Day” Spring Bedroom Refresh!

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Spring Refresh JENRON DESIGNSIf you have been following me for a while you know that I am pretty passionate about Earth Day, and giving back to our planet in little ways I can everyday. I also always like to feature an Earth Day post if possible, this year after having such a year filled with some of the most comfy Cozy Earth products I could wrap myself in, I could not think of a better way to celebrate than to feature a Cozy Earth Day!Cozy Earth Spring Refresh JENRON DESIGNSThis way I could really talk about the environmental side of these amazing Cozy Earth products , while sharing my spring refresh tips for our bedroom at the same time. I know you have heard me talk on numerous occasions on the super cool packaging seen above, and the multiple uses I have for them from grocery bags, beach bags, pool bags. Why get a second life out of your packaging? This is such a smart marketing move, and I wish more companies did this. Not only does it cut done on waste but it promotes the products as well, win win. Cozy Earth Day Spring Refresh JENRON DESIGNSThis season I have added the 100% Bamboo Duvet Cover in Charcoal to my already amazing Bamboo sheets! Cozy Earth uses only the best suppliers with an eye towards quality, responsible production, and cutting edge technology. The bamboo suppliers cut only mature stalks of bamboo into smaller, mulch-like pieces then soaked in an environmentally safe, closed loop process to soften the pulp so it can be pressed into parchment-like sheets. Then it is milled into a soft, fluffy cotton-like material, viscose which is spun into thread to make their products.

You can save 40% with my code: JENRON40 when you order COZY EARTH for Earth Day. Duvet Snaps JENRON DESIGNSThey pay close attention to every detail as well. They made sure to sew in duvet snaps, which if you are not familiar with these little life savers, Cozy Earth duvets have them located around the entire duvet cover to keep your comforter insert from slipping or sliding around once on the bed. Most comforters with have loops in the corners, Cozy Earth brand had them located all the way around to match up. Used a Fitted sheet as Dust skiAnother great spring refresh tip I wanted to suggest is streamlining your bedding. Currently today’s trends suggest that a lot of people are no longer using a flat sheet, is this you? I will say I am not “one of those people”, but to each their own. I personally love the layers on a bed! In that same vein, dust skirts have taken a leave of absence and been culture cancelled as well, lol. However, being a pet owner I can say that dust skirts are serious lint and fur catchers around here, so those can go. I am a firm believer in the fitted sheet, box spring methodology these days. Spring Refresh Cozy Earth JENRON DESIGNSThis fitted sheet method is where you use a matching color fitted sheet to cover the box springs of your mattress so you will not see it from the sides, where the comforter does not cover all the way. Choose a color that is neutral or even one that is a contrast match to your bedding. Place over the box springs and change once or twice a year as needed, when you flip and rotate your mattress.  Layers on the Bed JENRON DESIGNSAnother great spring refresher tip is to layer on light weight quilts for the spring and summer months. So, while you have now changed out to lighter weight, more breathable bedding set for warmer months, this will allow you pull up additional layers if needed, but not over stack the bed. I have noticed as I have gotten older that my feet stay cold and I am always colder in the mornings. So this method is great, really great. I also notice that somehow I lose all of my covers as well, the odd thing is my husband complains about the same thing, so where do they go? One answer, the cats! Spring Refresh Storage JENRON DESIGNSI also recommend a handy throw basket nearby of extra quilts or Cozy throw blankets as well. I have one tucked away next to my nightstand, which also has a reading neck pillow. I also usually find a cat hidden away in there too! LOL!  Cozy Earth Duvet JENRON DESIGNSAir out the room or even your whole house, if the pollen is not too horrible yet, try to get some fresh air into your bedroom. We regularly like to throw open our sleeping porch and get fresh air into our bedroom, which we find makes us sleep better and regulates the temperatures too. However during the spring “pollenation” we unfortunately can’t open the windows or doors due to our allergies.  Fresh Air Spring Refresh JENRON DESIGNSThat being said, it is nice to bring freshness into your bedroom as part of a spring refresh. These are lily of the valley, which I do grow in my yard for floral work. As a little fun side note they were used in Princess Diana wedding bouquet and usually run around $7.00- $8.00 a stem, cost. Since they are very small, and take very little room her bouquet, back in the day, this was very expensive and they are considered a very prestigious flower. See more about adding Scents for the Seasons here via candles, linen sprays or diffusers.  Keep It Fresh Spring Refresh JENRON DESIGNSAnother little spring tip is to not worry about varying temperatures and be ready for those drops. We are loving our new in suite fireplace, seen here, we installed it last winter, which is perfect for knocking off the chill in the mornings before the heat of the day sets in, with just the flip of a switch. No resetting the entire thermostat, which is so handy.  Warm Even in Spring JENRON DESIGNS

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Cozy Earth Day Spring Bedrom Refresh JENRON DESIGNS



  1. Great tips and I love Cozy Earth products! They are always so soft!

  2. It looks so cozy, I definitely want a wreath for my bedroom

  3. I absolutely LOVE the bed frame and the carpet in your master. I love how cozy the whole room looks

  4. I love your spring bedroom refresh! What beautiful products 💗

  5. I really do love the Cozy Earth product line, they are amazing from start to finish in all aspects of their business.

  6. Thank you that was another great vendor I worked with as well last season Vintage Revival Rugs, they do amazing refurbishing of vintage revivals and my turkish rug is a one of kind which I adore, thank you.

  7. Bellab

    Love a good freshen up of the bedroom! those sheets look so nice! I Need some new ones asap!

  8. I love this design! Really cozy and feels like country home.

  9. Tisha

    I was just looking for new bedding! I’ll have to check this out!

  10. Karletta

    I might have mentioned this before but I’m obsessed with bed linen. I love sleeping in natural fibres and these sheets and duvet cover look amazing

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