Ask The Designer “How Do You Decorate on a Budget?”

Ask The Designer: “How Do You Decorate on a Budget?”

How Do You Decorate on a Budget? This weeks Ask The Designer featured Question comes from:Susanne Stewart @ Electic Chic Blog

How Does Susanne Design on a Budget?

SUSANNE:Decorating your home can be challenging, even more so when you have a small budget!  I asked 15 of my design/decor blogging buddies to join me to share our advice and give you our best budget decorating tips. Pull up a seat, grab your favorite beverage, and take notes! Pssst…there is not a quiz at the end, but there are more design questions answered over on their blogs, so be sure to visit each of them!”

How do I decorate on a budget?

My tip for decorating on a budget is to have a set budget, stick to it and know your market. You have to shop around to find the best prices. You can find very similar items for half the price if you know where to look. Being a savvy shopper can save you thousands of dollars. Also don’t be afraid of a good DIY refreshing project, if it has good bones just repurpose it. I have a ton of great repurposed projects like my DIY Deconstructed Sofa where I remade a $25.00 Goodwill sofa, using drop cloths and pallet wood, or my Anthropologie knock off DIY Stenciled Tabletop.

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  1. Thank you for featuring me Jennifer!! How wonderful 🙂 I hope your readers enjoy all the answers from all of the great bloggers! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

  2. Susanne you are so welcome. I love our little tribe of bloggers and look forward to featuring each of them over the next 29 days!!! Very excited to see what our next collaboration will be 🙂 Have a great Memorial Day and we will chat soon!!!!

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  5. I am so glad you found this post informative. It is a very globally diverse group, and we have designers from around the world, taking part in the Q&A topics. It is a great group of ladies, I am lucky to work with them.

  6. I am so happy to hear you are a fan. I must admit you have a pretty good grasp on how I want to live all the time. Yes, Resort Lifestyle all day every day. Please join us every weekend with a cocktail in hand and escape your busy week 🙂

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  10. I am so glad you are finding so much enjoyment in my posts. Sometimes my humor is hard to get across in a blog post. My husband says I am an absolute riot…. but he is obligated to say that 😉

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  15. Colby this is a great question, I personally think the idea of farmhouse has been around forever and actually has a classic feel that has evolved over time. In the 80’s it was country, in the 90’s French country, Millennium they called it Shabby Chic. If you really look at the roots of farmhouse design, it is all of these decades combined with the trendiest items weeded out and replaced with a most relevant replacement. Examples: Country-plaid (usually cornflower blue) everywhere, oak cabinets, sunflowers, apples, milk cans, roosters and cows. French Country- white distressed furniture/cabinets, colors of red, yellow or green, with heavy traditional curtains, light fixtures, and furniture. Shabby Chic white distressed furniture, white cabinets, white slip covered sack sofas, just lots of white and muted pastels tones. A lot of these thing are still current used in the proper application. Now look at Farmhouse- distressed furniture usually white or gray, burlap sack pillows with more refined sofa shapes, pops of color here and there but mainly accented with gray or black, lots of iron and wood. It seems to me the constant seems to distressed white furniture, and what ever the current color trends are at the time which is an very inexpensive way to decorate.

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  41. Margaret it really depend on the project. I usually have an idea of a big end budget I do not want to exceed, but as with any design sometime the perfect pieces is not on sale or brand new so no discounts. Sometime I will try to wait the item out and see if I can it on sale, but since I am a designer/influencer you have to be ahead of the curve on that which means very few discounts.

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