5 Tips For Decorating with An Amish Theme

5 Tips For Decorating with An Amish Theme

This week on Ask the Designer, we will be discussing 5 Tips For Decorating with An Amish Theme, and how truly similar Amish decor is to farmhouse style decor.

As we dive right in and take a look at 5 Tips For Decorating with An Amish Theme, I can’t help but to address the elephant in the room. Honestly, when I look at the Amish style of design, I can not help but see it’s very strong similarities to the that of the highly coveted farmhouse style of design which is currently sweeping the nation. In fact I would go so far as to say that Amish style furnishings and Amish decor can be the primary basis of some the very best farmhouse style interior designs.You may also notice that throughout this article I may refer to Amish, Shaker and Mission style of furnishing in a interchangeable fashion. By today’s standards they are all relatively similar, with the main differences based in specific types of stylization. In fact you may do better to have your Mission or Shaker style of furniture built by an Amish furniture company, since they still offer handmade furniture building processes with higher standards and greater attention to the quality of production.   

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When you really think about farmhouse interior design your mind may travel along the lines of homemade grain shack pillows, rusty olive buckets full of grandma’s homemade quilts, or handmade wicker baskets. What do all of these things have in common? They are perfect for decorating with an Amish theme and also can be seen in most modern farmhouse designs today. I would like to share a few personal stories about visiting Amish country, recently  in Lancaster, Pennsylvania a couple of years ago. During our visit we purchased several amazing handmade items that I still proudly display in my home today. So you see, even though my home has been roughly classified as a  southern farmhouse style, it still boosts some of the most beautiful, found, one of kind wears from the heart of Amish country. This beautiful shaker style broom is a perfect example of handmade rustic Amish decor, and one of my favorite pieces to date. I proudly display it near my front door as you enter my home, so it is one of the first things you see upon entering.  I have taken a few close up pictures so you see the fine attention to detail, which is why I love this piece so much. There is absolutely no glue all of the bristles are held together with this highly hand wound wire. The handle is a beautiful hand sanded knotty pine. The fun part is you can actually watch the artesian making brooms when you visit the shop. 

Designer Tip #1 “Simplicity is The Ultimate Sophistication”- Leonardo De Vinci

I use this quote by Leonardo De Vinci  because Amish design has a tendency to be very simple. That does not mean it is not good design by any means, it just means that the design must be more deliberate. You want to have beautiful focal pieces that will catch your eye and hold you attention. Rooms that have natural color palettes that carry soothing tones. Possibly, colors derived directly from nature like pale sky blues, herb colored sage greens and of course all the neutral tones of white, black, cream and gray. 


Designer Tip #2  Always Consider “Quality over Quantity”

In Amish Design their is more of a focus on the quality of products. This can be seen in the high quality and great attention to detail during the furniture-making process. In most cases each piece of wood is hand-selected for a specific piece of furniture in mind, it starts from the grain of the wood, all the way to achieving the desired look of the finished piece. For this reason Amish designs tend to have very simple, clean lines and high functionality. The design has almost a modern farmhouse feel since there is not such a big focus on stuff or things. You have what you need to live and the rest is simply unneeded. Furniture that has very clean and simple lines like Amish Book Cases, Farmhouse Style Tables and Mission Style Pie Safes.

Designer Tip #3  Sustainability is a Way of Life 

Amish furniture is also valued for it’s sustainability as a “green” product.  Amish beliefs prevent the use of electricity, so many woodworking tools in Amish shops are powered by pneumatic or hydraulic power tools, which cuts down on the total carbon footprint of producing Amish Decor. Many of the items today are still hand carved, hand woven, hand painted and hand stitched. Another way to be green is reusing found objects, repurposing or up cycling an object might be a great way to add interest to a space and still maintain your green way of life.

Designer Tip #4 Using Authentic Handmade Pieces

Using one of kind, authentic handmade pieces will always add more personality to a space than a store bought replica. Amish woodworkers pride themselves on their work and view their products as both pieces of art and furnishings to be used and lived in for generations. For this reason Amish furnishing are true antiques, made with beautiful hand glued dove tailed joints or hand hammered metals making them treasured family heirlooms worth the investment, for example this Amish Kitchen Hutch would be perfect in any rustic style home.  This piece can be custom built and hand stained in your choice of 17 different finishes.  

Another great example from my personal collection is this beautiful handmade straw basket, I purchased years ago on my way through Amish country to my husband’s family reunion in Ohio. While we did not have a lot of time to stay and see the entire area, I was so intrigued by the Amish way of life.  I just knew that I had to purchase a little keepsake to take home with me. While this basket was already pre-made, I was able to watch 3 generations of ladies sit side by side hand weave similar baskets, while they carefully taught their daughters and granddaughters age old methods, probably passed down from their grandmother’s. It really felt as if I was buying a little piece of history. 


Designer Tip #5  Add Visual Interest to Your Space By Adding Decorations to the Walls 

The Amish are very spiritual people, so it only makes sense that they would create inspirational signage. For this reason, you might want to incorporate a few hand painted signs like this Amish Decor sign to your walls with inspirational sayings to brighten your day and fill some of those empty spaces. You can find all kinds of handmade signs to fit your life, maybe you need one to help remind you of life mantras to focus your day before you leave for work or a few simple Praises of Gratitude as a gentle inspirational reminder as you gather around the dining table.  

 You could also utilize found objects similar to these rustic antique dough boards to make your own one of kind wall art. Sticking in the Amish theme of hand made quilts, wooden ladders or wood based tools similar to these would work perfectly to create visual interest for your walls. Just remember Tip #1 “Simplicity is The Ultimate Sophistication”- Leonardo De Vinci.  Just don’t over do it. Remember to keep the items in moderation and really curate a collection, otherwise it becomes a Cracker Barrel.
*Please note that I was compensated for this post. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. These involve no extra cost to you. You can view my full advertising disclosure here.



  1. Very cool take on this! I love how you approached the topic.

  2. Cassie

    I’m from Lancaster PA so small world and grew up with Amish friends. You’ve incorporated a lot of great pieces for an Amish home feel but one thing is slightly off. They don’t hang up anything on their walls as per inspirational signs. The only thing hanging on the on their walls is stuff that they put to use in the home.

  3. sunshine and daisies

    Jen this is such a great post, that really touched my heart. I had several friends growing up that were Amish, and it was not the easiest of paths, as kids can be cruel. I love that you looked at the similarities instead on focusing on the differences between our lifestyles, that is what shows you off as a true humanitarian. I love that you have some Amish treasured of your own that adorn your home too, which shows that you clearly practice what you preach. Authentic through and through.

  4. Cassie you are absolutely correct about this, as a sponsored posted I was actually asked to feature the hand made wall signs that are made by a Amish company. As an interior designer, I also know that in true, traditional Amish design items such as this are not actually placed on their walls, so I tried to meet somewhere in the middle. I decided that by adding my own antique tools to this portion and also adding in other options of handmade quilts which are functional items used with the home, they could still meet the Amish requirements, but may add a more modern day twist to this fusion based design post.

  5. Thank you Cara, this is not the type of interior design article you see everyday. I always love to push the envelope and think outside of the box when it comes to design.

  6. Thank you so much I really appreciate all your support, this comment really made my day!!! Your comment right here is the main reason why I am still a blogger, and why I love doing this so much. Yes I have fun creating pretty posts, and I love to share my DIY’s, but when it really comes down to it, I am really only doing this for the readers. I love my group of followers you all are the best!!!

  7. I love the attention to detail of homemade pieces like the Amish ones you featured. Can you imagine how hard it is to perfect the wire wrap around that broom? I loved your reference to making it a Cracker Barrel if you do too much.

  8. Nailil

    These are great options. I love how even the small details bring the entire theme together.

  9. Oh I just love the feel of this decor. And the ideas on sustainably and durability fit well with mylifestyle. I want my things to last and I want a minimalist house style. I love this post, thanks! ❤️

  10. I love this post. All of the pieces that you chose to talk about are beautiful. You have opened my mind in a new direction for our home decor. Love it!

  11. LOL Stephanie!!! Please know that I really love Cracker Barrel their hash brown casserole is to die for, but I just would not want to live in one. I love all the items that they have curated into to one spot, for a restaurant to keep people occupied, it just does not translate well to home, it ends of on a episode of hoarders, or trash 2 treasures.

  12. Love the pieces you choose to feature. Getting ideas to spruce up my rental right now and leaning towards the farmhouse look. It’s so inviting.

  13. Erica I love it, I can tell you that it is a very easy to maintain look, that keeps things cozy and inviting.

  14. What a great post. That broom is gorgeous! My mom just got an Amish table and chairs I wish we could afford one because it is beautiful.

  15. Toni they are a bit more expensive, due to fact that everything is hand made, but the quality is amazing and the pieces will last for generations.

  16. Loved this post and the pieces you picked out. Yes I agree the farm house style decorating is very similar to the Amish decorating.

  17. Linh

    Great tips indeed. It pushes me to start decorating my house with amish theme. I will definitely follow your tips!

  18. I love Amish furniture. I wish I could afford more of it!

  19. Wow..there is so much charatcer in this decor. Love it!

  20. Karla

    Totally agree with “quality over quantity”. Love your post! Each details of each design compliments each other as one. Great tips!

  21. Land of Nod

    I really appreciate that you enjoy looking at different type of designs. I think that is the true mark of a good interior designer. Amish design could be a risky topic to write about, but your took something that is not considered mainstream or well known, and presented in such a way that it showcases how similar it really is to the hottest trend on the market right now which is brilliant. No wonder the sponsors came to you, what a smart business move on their part.

  22. You really taught me a lot about the Amish community in this post-Jen, I enjoyed reading every bit of this. And I didn’t even know until I read this but I love to incorporate some of these Amish simple decorating ideas when I style my home.

  23. Sky & Micheal

    This is a very interesting read, I like that you compared the old ways of the traditional Amish designs to the modern take of farmhouse design. Really that is where most of our inspirations come from is the traditions of the past anyways, and the beauty of Amish furniture certainly does make for a stunning feature in farmhouse design.

  24. Red Door Designs

    Jen, I really enjoyed this post, you have given me many ideas and featured some pretty products in your beautiful home. Thank you for sharing.

  25. The Delightful Farmhouse

    I have never know about amish theme before reading this post. Your pictures are very beautiful so I think decorating with Amish theme will make house become more unique

  26. Farmhouse Fixer Upper

    I really loved learning more about the Amish culture and seeing these beautiful pieces of furniture from your trip. Those are always the best souvenirs.

  27. Ingrid

    Wow I guess I never thought about the similarities before but you are right, they are one and the same.

  28. Suen

    This was a very nice read and I enjoyed it very much. I to love Amish hand made furniture. Honestly I had never thought about how it really fits the farmhouse trend either.

  29. Southern Sassyfrass

    I really like the amish style of furniture and never really thought about how it fits into the farmhouse theme before.

  30. Marly Dice

    Amish furniture has long since been a family favorite, and I wish we had purchased more of it over the years

  31. I love to visit Amish country we alway have the best time there.

  32. Our LIttle Fox Hole

    I just love all these pretty pieces will any of these venders be they be available at the Old World Market you have been promoting?

  33. Hi I am not aware of any of these particular vendors being on the list at The Old World Market, however there are a lot great local ones on tap like: House of Jo Ray Me, Blondeberries Vintage Market, Garmantiques, Rusted Fence and Indigo Knots. They have more if the southern southern vintage and farmhouse antiques verses the Amish county based pieces that a featured in the post.

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