The Bunny Picnic

My 2017 Easter Tablescape:  

Welcome to The Bunny Picnic, our theme for the 2017 Easter Table.

I draw my inspiration from one of my all time favorite Easter specials, “The Tale of The Bunny Picnic.”Which was a 1986 TV special, directed by Jim Henson and David G. Hillier, and is still shown annually on HBO in the spring, usually during Easter time. I must have watched this a thousand times as a kid, and this seasonal special has always held a special place in my heart.  So this year I chose to honor my holiday tradition of watching this tv show it with my interpretation of a Bunny Picnic tablescape, for Easter. 

To set the scene of a bunny picnic I incorporated several different sized picnic baskets, a large buffalo-check plaid table runner from Williams Sonoma, and a slew of sisal bunnies. I wanted the table to feel as if you accidentally stumbled upon the bunnies having a family picnic.  In the TV version of The Bunny Picnic you that you meet a family of bunnies each with their own very unique personalities, Mother & Father Bunny, Be-Bop, Twitch, Lugsy and of course my favorite Bean Bunny (wink, wink). 

This is where the fun sisal bunnies come into play. These are bunnies are available everywhere and they are all doing different types of fun springtime activities.  Two of mine came from Hobby Lobby (which is an extra 40% right now) and 2 from Pier 1 ( use code SAVE15).  

Every beautiful tablescape needs fresh flowers. For this arrangement I decided to use an actual picnic basket to house this floral creation. Mainly, because you all know how I love a multitask item, I can still utilize this picnic basket after the holidays. You may see it again in a future post since the possibilities are endless. Also when creating a centerpiece don’t be afraid to use unusual things, they will make the best conversation starters and really let your creativity shine through. 

I used white, pink, and lavender daisy’s, Ocean Song lavender roses, Jade roses, green ball Dianthus, purple Stock & dried cotton. The cotton adds a farm fresh rustic touch and plays up the whole Peter Cottontail vibe. I order my direct for the source with the Cottonman. The bunny heads were also purchased at Hobby Lobby as well, and they are just darling in this centerpiece. 

Next you can see I used my trusty burlap chargers that go with anything, I just love these!!! My mother’s beautiful white lace vintage Noritake china. Ball mason Jars glasses create a fun vibe for a picnic and added these fun stainless steel straws from Bed Bath & Beyond.  

We also added these sweet little mini picnic basket favors available from Beau Coup, save 20% now  with code ( SAVE20). We filled them with speckled robin’s egg candies for a fun take away favor. 

As a rule, I don’t always do place cards, as it depends on the dinner or event. However, these tiny picnic baskets do make a unique place card holder for more formal gatherings.

Designer Tip: Just hot glue the lids open to create a prop for your place card. 

 Finally, I folded these pretty pink Belgian Linen napkins from West Elm into bunny heads. You guys, up close these napkins are so pretty. They have a gold shadow thread that runs through out the entire napkin to add just a touch of sparkle. It adds just a hint of glamour to the table without trying to hard. I hope you have enjoyed visiting our Bunny Picnic Easter table, be sure to sign up below for you DIY guide to folding bunny napkins.

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WALL PAINT- Agreeable Gray Sherwin Williams TRIM PAINT- Pure White Sherwin Williams FLOORS- Mohawk 3″Forrest Lake Oak Color: Oxford LANTERN LIGHTS- Brickyard 3 light Foyer Pendents Wayfair  TABLE- Benchwright 108″ Extended Alfesco Brown Pottery Barn  SIDEBOARD-Benchwright Buffet Alfesco Brown Pottery Barn CHAIRS- Remy Side Chair Brunshed Steel Restoration Hardware  LAYERED METAL WALL ART- Antique Ceiling Tile Pottery Barn discontinued  IRON WALL ART- Nicole Metal Wall Plaque Discontinued RUG- Rust and Taupe Houndstooth Ballard Designs Discontinued (similar)  DRAPES-Gray Grommet West Elm CURTAIN ROD- Industrial Pipe Rod Rubbed Iron West Elm CHANDELIER- Colton 9 Light Progressive Lighting 

A Day at Gibbs Gardens

“My Little Buttercup, has the sweetest smile”. Spend a day at Gibbs Gardens we us,  to enjoy the beautiful floral clad country side.

Join us as we explore the miles of rolling hills filled with buttercups. See one of the most sought after Easter picture venues of North Georgia. Learn about different types of buttercups and when to plant for the best spring showing. 

 Over the past weekend we took our annual spring journey to Gibbs Garden’s to see the Daffodils, which is really quite magical. If you have never been, I highly recommend that you make a trip soon while they are still blooming. There are literally thousands of buttercups, covering the north Georgia hillside. A total feast for your eyes.

It is no secret to any north Georgia native that Gibbs Garden’s is the perfect garden spot to take pictures. Whether you are a trying to get the perfect family Easter photo, hone your photography skills or just create a cute seasonal profile picture, Gibbs’s has you covered. We love to go for gardening inspiration for our own yard and we get a little exercise at the same time. My husband and I are garden members, and have the 4 season pass so we can explore the gardens at all times of the year. Honestly, it just makes senses to purchase the 4 seasons pass, the cost is the same price of two single day visits. So if your go to the gardens at least twice your pass pays for itself, plus you get two free one day visitor passes, which I use for out of town guests that come to visit. 

Garden Tip: The gardens offer summer concerts, featuring local bands, with a option to purchase a light picnic dinner and drinks. This is by far one of the best ways to see the gardens for a date night. Take a pretty stroll have a little dinner, some vino under the stars and musical entertainment. 

What is the difference between a Buttercup and a Daffodil?  Actually, there is a huge difference between the two. Everything you will see at Gibbs Gardens are Daffodils, also known as Narcissus or Jonquils, depending on variety.  There is not a single buttercup. As a southern girl, I grew up calling all these pretties, “buttercups”. Truth be told Buttercups are actually a completely different species of flowers that looks nothing like daffodils

Although, I do think most of the confusion for me comes from the movie Willie Wonka…. I know random, right? You know the scene where Gene Wilder picks a daffodil and drinks butterscotch out of it like a teacup. Then proceeds to eat the cup, which by the way are poisonous to humans and animals. Way to go Hollywood, you ruined an entire generation!!! Obviously that stuck with me, as I am still guilty of calling them buttercups to this day, as you can see by my catchy little title above. 

Let’s take a more in depth look at the types of beautiful daffodils that grow at Gibbs and are available to plant in your own yard.  First of all, in Georgia it’s best to plant your bulbs in the fall. Bulbs need that freeze of winter in order to produce the pretty flowers. If you missed planting it’s ok go ahead and buy some pre grown bulbs in containers at your local garden center. Just remember at the end of their season as the foliage dies off to put them into the ground so they will return next year. This is probably the most recognized, and common daffodils known as February Gold. It’s a top-notch choice and one of the most reliable of daffodils, it’s provide fast early color in the garden. This early-blooming gem offers clear golden-yellow single blooms with rounded petals and long trumpets. (Trumpets also called cups and are located in the center of the daffodil’s star shaped petals. 

Ice Follies is another favorite here and in the South. This single bloom, large flowers has white petals and wide, frilled cups that open lemon yellow and will fade into a creamy white. Thus the name Ice Follies since they will end up all white.  It’s vigorous heavy bloomer, and has a light scented, too.Canaliculatus or aka Avalanche, is a robust  miniature daffodil.  It will grow 8-10 clusters of white flowers with small lemon yellow cups per stalk.   It is strongly scented, making an excellent choice for cut flowers. It grows best in a slightly sheltered environment where it will not be damaged by early strong winds. It’s a particularly good choice for Southern gardeners.

This is one of my personal all time favorites, the rare Narcissus Romance. I just love these beautiful ruffled pink-cup daffodils. This single bloom charmer has an unusual rosy pink cup against beautiful large creamy white petals. They usually bloom mid spring and are the only pink cup daffodil variety available.Now this variety looks very similar to the previous one, as you can tell.  Except this is a small-cup miniature variety known as, Merlin Narcissus. The Merlin’s offer a crisp white petal and a tiny yellow cup ringed in a bright orange-red. The single bloom flowers will last a long time, and are considered statement flowers. The Bantam daffodil, is another one of my favorites. This delightful dwarf daffodil has small neat very rounded bright yellow petals with a brilliant red rimmed cup. The petals are slightly reflexed or blown back. It is a regular winner among floral grower’s competitions with it’s sturdy and upright stiff stems.These beauties are common known as Jetfire Narcissus or Cyclamineus. They are gorgeous when blooming, as the Jetfire offers clear golden petals with a contrasting orange trumpet. They usually bloom early spring and are very reliable while offering a bold color combination to your garden. Easily mixed with other early bulbs like crocus and grape hyacinth for beautiful color combinations. Jack Snipe is another type of dwarf  hybrid daffodil. The swept back creamy petals give the flower it’s nickname of “sailboat”. The dark yellow primrose cup makes a striking contrast. This vigorous daffodil is perfect for borders in sun or shade and is excellent for naturalising . This is the most common southern mini daffodil, known as Little Gems. In England they call them Johnny Jump Ups. This early-blooming gem offers clear golden-yellow blooms with long trumpets, ‘Little Gem’ is a vigorous dwarf trumpet daffodil.  It’s a very reliable choice among daffodils, it’s  provides extra early seasonal color in your garden.


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Drink Your Flowers? A Valentine’s Day Cocktail Concoction

Did you say, Drink your Flowers?

My Valentine’s Day Cocktail Concoctions Part 1, Rosewater Lemonade

Flowers aren’t just for bouquets anymore, try a fun floral based cocktail.

I have recently been drawn to revisit the idea of edible flowers and floral extracts to integrating into recipes for special occasions. As a small child I loved to drink lebanese Rosewater, and that passion has never left me. Imagine it, the mid 80’s in Atlanta, GA. My family, which aired a bit more on the progressive side, would journey regularly downtown Atlanta to the most amazing little Lebansese Restaurant called Nicola’s. The owner Nic, a dear friend to this day, would ply me up with one of my favorite drinks on the planet, rosewater. As he would deliver me the beautiful red goblet of sweet rosewater, he would say “a rose for my little rose” which as a small child would tickle me with great delight. Well I still frequent Nicola’s restaurant, and I still have my rosewater, because no body makes them quite like Nic.

Today I have decided to share a spin off recipe of the rosewater in the form of a rosewater lemonade cocktail. Keep in mind there are several ways to make your own rose syrup. You can purchase hydroponic food grade roses, which are grown only in water, no dirt, and are never sprayed with any type of pesticides. This type of rose petal can then be boiled and reduced down into a rose water extract. I actually did not go down this route, for sake of time. I was simply able to purchase this lovely Nielson Massey rose water extract from my local Sur La Table. 
Now as I mentioned above you can get food grade edible flowers, Gourmet Sweet Botanical offers some great ones. I have added them to water in a large block ice cube tray to create a stunning visual appeal. Let these set up over night for a show stopping addition to your cocktail. 

  • DESIGN TIP: You can do this process with lots of things besides flowers, to create pretty ice cubes. Try frozen strawberries for a festive Margarita on the rocks, or frozen lime slices for a retro Cuba Libre. 
    If you are not very skilled in bartending, or find yourself short on time, you can actually purchase ready made Rosewater Lemonade at your local World Market. I do find that if you use the premixes you may still wish to add splash more rose extract and lemon juice to give a fresh vibe. 

Rosewater Lemonade

  • 2 tbsp Lemon juice, fresh
  • 3/4 cup Sparkling water
  • 1 1/2 oz Vodka
  • 2 tbsp Rose water extract
  • 1 tbsp Honey
  • Splash of Grenadine (for color)
  • Ice Cube

Be sure to check in later this week for part 2 of the Cocktail Concoction.

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A Vintage Valentine’s Table

A Vintage Valentine’s Tablescape

I am very excited to share our vintage Valentine’s Day sweetheart tablescape.

The color story that influenced me for this cute couples dinning table was based off of the theme of,”The Days of Wine and Roses” which was carried out by utilizing flowers in wine shades of red, purple and blush. 

This star flower of this stunning centerpiece is the purple anemone (pronounced- A-Nenemy), because everyone mispronounces it. The rest of the arrangment is filled with red and fuchia spray roses, pale pink stock, and luscious green pittosporum.

Floral FYI: I love stock because it has one of the most beautiful fragrances on the planet. It is not boldly over powering like a lily, or even a tea rose, but it has a very lite, airy fresh smell. Be sure to to subscribe to my blog see my future posts on how to make this simple centerpiece.


By keeping the table linens understated, the open concept dining room is still neutral enough to transition into the rest of the home. I used mom’s antique white linen table cloth, layered with a simple Pinstripe linen runner from Sur la Table , which allows those beautiful flowers to be the main pop of color. 

I love using burlap chargers, they go with everything, and really fit into the farmhouse theme nicely. I picked up these cute ones up at Hobby Lobby, for a very reasonable price of $2.99 a piece. Talk about setting a table full of love!!! The vintage Noritike china, belonged to my mother, and I am very lucky to have inherited this priceless set from her. My mother had impeccable taste, and the pattern she picked back in 1958, Versailles, still holds up to the test of time today. It is a dinning pattern with simple, timeless elegance. 

I added these sweet little heart shaped porcelain bowls from HomeGoods, so could I fill them with water and float a single spray rose inside. I think this technique invokes a subtle, yet chic nod Valentine’s Day without being to theme oriented. Then add some basic red napkins from Crate and Barrel and that makes your table.

DESIGNER TIP: I love a good multi tasking item, these red napkins can be utilized for the 4th of July and Christmas seasons.  

Now top it off with some sweet treats like these dainty little petit fours and chocolate covered strawberries from Publix, and of course don’t forget the wine. 

My husband and I love the Gainey Vineyard wines, we discovered them on our recent trip to California. Located just south of Napa Valley in Santa Ynez, this quaint little vineyard stole our hearts, and the wine is excellent. Since we decided to become members, we receive around 2-3 bottles a month. After trying several we highly recommend Patrick’s Reserve Vineyard for a red choice, and of course the Sauvignon Blanc is our choice for a white. Although I must admit, they have an amazing Chardonnay. I am not normally a huge fan of Chardonnay, but the Gainey Chardonnay has a wonderful buttery quality I have never experienced before, it is not oaky at all. As a side note I think it’s pretty cool that “our house wine” we offer guests has a glorious golden G on every bottle. It’s as if had our own personally monogramed wine bottles, and don’t get me started on the possible craft projects!!!    

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WALL PAINT- Agreeable Gray Sherwin Williams TRIM PAINT- Pure White Sherwin Williams FLOORS- Mohawk 3″Forrest Lake Oak Color: Oxford LANTERN LIGHTS- Brickyard 3 light Foyer Pendents Wayfair  TABLE- Benchwright 108″ Extended Alfesco Brown Pottery Barn  SIDEBOARD-Benchwright Buffet Alfesco Brown Pottery Barn CHAIRS- Remy Side Chair Brunshed Steel Restoration Hardware  LAYERED METAL WALL ART- Antique Ceiling Tile Pottery Barn discontinued  IRON WALL ART- Nicole Metal Wall Plaque Discontinued RUG- Rust and Taupe Houndstooth Ballard Designs Discontinued (similar)  DRAPES-Gray Grommet West Elm CURTAIN ROD- Industrial Pipe Rod Rubbed Iron West Elm CHANDELIER- Colton 9 Light Progressive Lighting