Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Get You Kicks on Route 66

An Adventure from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.

Around this time last year we did a little traveling. One of our trip was renting a car and taking the old US Route 66 from just south of Las Vegas into Los Angeles.  I must admit we stopped at some pretty out of this world places along the way, things of a forgotten world from long ago. I just wanted to share a little piece of Americana with you all.One of first stops was Bakers, CA  known as the Gateway to Death Valley, which is home to many iconic Route 66 venues. First thing you will see as you exit onto Baker Boulvard is the World’s Tallest Thermometer, which was at a sweltering 106 degrees  on the day we were there. Located next to Bob’s Big Boy Restaurant this 134-foot-tall monument is a reminder of the record high temperature in the nearby Death Valley of 134 degrees in 1913.As we proceeded down the boulevard, to this undeniable landmark and ultimate car snack stop Alien Fresh Jerky. Talk about a Syfy lovers dream come true, this place has more little green men than you can shake a stick at. It is like visiting a remote desert location, where a spaceship has cashed (ummm Roswell… Area 51) These lovable cosmic creatures  have been left behind.
Large UFO’s adorn the parking lot light posts,  and  a happy carload of aliens with ray guns  are available for a photo op. This is a great stop for the whole family, and they also have future plans for a spaceship hotel being constructed behind the gift shop. Upon entering the gift shop, it is apparent what the primary food source for these desert aliens is beef jerky, with over 15 flavor types lining the walls. They come in assorted meat varieties as well including turkey, buffalo, ostrich, alligator, and I think I even saw some salmon. Some of the flavors choices include Whiskey and Roadkill Original, while some are a little more exotic, like the Abducted Cow which is a pineapple teriyaki  flavor.  They run $9.00 each or 3 for $25.00, so we picked up a few for the car ride, along with some nuts….. I should apologize for this picture but I just had to post it. We found it truly hilarious after visiting the world’s largest thermometer at 106 degrees. Clearly they have marketing geniuses out here in the desert. Alien Jerky also carries a large variety of flavored nuts, hot sauces, and candies. Along with other fun alien themed novelties.  After stocking up on travel snacks we headed over to our last stop in Bakers, CA the iconic Mad Greek Cafe, for lunch before we hit the road again. It was very crowded, as it was a Friday, and plenty of patrons were making the same trek that we were, except they might have been headed into to Vegas for the weekend. This was very authentic greek cuisine and a great choice for a lunch stop. My husband and I split a greek salad, look how fresh and beautiful it was, such a tasty oasis in the middle of the blazing desert of heat. We the each ordered  our own gyro platter, which came with some of the world’s best french fries. Just look at them perfectly spiced and crispy, a true treat.  After this meal we were stuffed and ready for a little car ride.Our next stop was Yermo, CA which is home to the famous Jenny Rose sign. You might recognize it since it was was featured on Colbie Caillat album Bubbly. Since I am a Jenny, I had to stop for the perfect photo op. Lucky for us Yermo, CA is also home to Peggy Sue’s Diner. This original 1954 diner is still an operational restaurant today.  It also has a fun retro 5 and dime themed gift shop, complete with ice cream bar for a afternoon snack and clean bathrooms. Well with exception of the guy in the ladies room!!! No worries ladies it is just a “Man”nequin but it still makes you do a double take as you walk in the door……As does the “diner”saur park. That’s right Peggy Sue’s Diner is home to a the only “diner” saur park in the desert. Stretch your legs and stroll through the lush tree shaded desert oasis while you view the large metal prehistoric beasts. Bop along to all your favorite 50’s muscally tunes piped into the garden from the diner. I promise this is a one of kind experience. The was back into the car to continue on for our final stop on our historic route 66 adventure before arriving in Los Angelos. We stopped at Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch located at 24266 National Trails Hwy Oro Grande, CA 92368. I am giving you the address since it is not a common landmark that you can goggle a website to locate. This by far was one of my favorite stops, because Elmer has taken his passion for large metal pipes, bottles and other found objects and has literally created a forest of bottle trees. It is located along the Historic Route 66, in the heart of the California desert, and I only found it because other bloggers, like myself, have featured it as a must see site.Imagine acres of these unique one of kind bottle trees. It may sound like junk but it is beautiful the way the sunlight shines through the variety of colored bottles. Elmer has though of everything you can even play a game of eye spy or a scavenger hunt to find the most weather vanes or old bicycles rusted to perfection.  

Although there is not a charge to visit this one of kind landmark you can find a small donation to give whatever you like just to help with the upkeep and future adds to this vast collection. If you are local I believe he takes bottle donations as well.I hope you enjoyed our to do list from the our Route 66 


  1. We plan to visit this area soon. I like the Bottle Tree Ranch very unique. Thanks for the great advice!

  2. Wow, so many interesting sights to see, what a fun drive! Can’t believe the temperatures there, that is HOT!

  3. I stumbled upon this read you have a lot of useful travel information about the Rt.66 from Vegas to LA. I love the bottle tree ranch! It seems off the beaten path but well worth a stop. I am bookmarking your site to check back, as it has lots of great topics I would like to look at, I am just focused on our vacation right now.

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